New year, new you—so why not new home décor, too?

We’re not saying you need to overhaul your client’s entire home, but a few tweaks here and there can make a huge difference in creating a contemporary living space. Changing accessories, furniture, or adding some new storage pieces will make a home more efficient. Plus, you’ll be the queen of home décor when it comes to taste and style.

To stay up-to-date with décor trends, leave these 5 home decorating trends at your client’s door in 2017!

Hipster Patterns

Everyone loves a comfortable hippie-inspired poncho or a pair of warm, patterned leggings—but these patterns should stay on your clothes! We’re just saying, you’re not in college anymore…

When it comes to design, simple patterns are the best route for the home. When you choose an overwhelming pattern, say paisley or chevron, you compromise the simplicity of a room. Eccentric patterns have too much going on visually that it detracts from a home’s comfort. And, as 2016 was the year that minimalist ideas spread like wildfire, it’s time to lay those overpowering patterns to rest!

So keep rooms modest with a softly patterned rug, or stick to neutral colors to avoid intense color patterns. Larger furnishings need to be simple—leave the statement patterns to small accessories (like notebooks…).

Energy Inefficient Lightbulbs

It’s almost 2017—it seems surreal, doesn’t it? Still, we hold the lives of future generations in our hands and we need to be conscious of our energy consumption and waste. Modernize your clients’ homes through sustainable living!

To preserve our struggling little planet, switch to energy-efficient lightbulbs like LED’s to do your part in saving energy. Not only will you be saving clients’ money, their carbon footprint will reduce dramatically. LED lightbulbs save over 25% of the energy a traditional lightbulb uses—so switch ASAP! Make homes run more efficiently by composting and unplugging appliances too. Saving a little can actually end up saving a lot, both for your clients’ wallets and our planet!

Shiny Metallics

Boy, oh boy, am I ever excited to be putting this on the list! Shiny metallic—whether it’s on home accessories or appliances—is outdated! They’re a pain to clean and we have a much trendier alternative for you to embrace…

Opt for matte finishes when you’re purchasing new appliances or renovating a bathroom. Matte is all the rage right now and suits any room in the house. If your clients are feeling edgy, choose matte finishes in black shades to make your home look sleek and contemporary. Matte shades also make for a great accent piece. Find a lamp with a matte finish instead of plastic or brass. Trust us, you can never go wrong with matte colors!

Bulky Bathroom Cabinets

Save space by switching out bulky bathroom cabinets for shelves and cupboards!Replace under-the-sink cabinets with a sleek stand-alone sink. Your client’s bathroom will look and feel more open, and you can still have space for all of your products! Use vertical storage, like a tall free-standing shelving unit, to keep your bathroom organized and make all of your products accessible.

High shelving is also a great alternative to bulky medicine cabinets. Find some small storage boxes to section off shelves and keep clutter from accruing! Storage baskets are great for holding clean towels. They’re out of the way yet still in reach—an ideal storage solution for all bathrooms!

Fake Wood

Whether it’s plastic frames or laminate flooring, fake wood is an antiquated design trend that needs to go—for good! Fake wood is tacky, period. Not only does it look cheap, it doesn’t give you the integrity that real wood building materials have. Real wood comes with a beautiful texture and feel, whereas fake wood is manufactured and looks the same all over. Coswick Hardwood has more info on the pros and cons of laminate flooring, but for an authentic look in the home we like to stick with real hardwood.

Even for accessories, real wood looks so much better than plastic manufactured wood. Stained wood adds depth and helps protect tables and other furniture. Modernize by ridding your client’s home of fake wood and never look back!

We’re stepping into the future by packing these old design trends away once and for all. By purging the home of tacky décor trends, your client’s home will look contemporary and fashionable. Create a fresh start for clients by keeping these passé trends out and putting chic décor in!

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