Decorating for the holidays is what we wait for all year round! Putting on a festive Christmas playlist, wrapping gifts, putting lights on the tree…the only catch is having to detangle all those lights and remembering where our favorite ornaments are packed away!

Clients will be praising your organizational skills when you hand them a list of these quick DIY storage hacks! They’ll thank you next year when they know exactly which container the cute glitter snowflake ornaments are in.

So with that said, let’s resolve to keep our holiday décor secure and accessible with these clever storage solutions!

1. Spools

Probably the easiest and most versatile way to store your holiday décor! Pick up some empty spools from the local hardware shop and use them to neatly wrap Christmas lights, tinsel, banners, and beads. Use a piece of tape to strap down the ends and voila—easy storage until next year!

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This saves stringed décor from becoming tangled or ripping during the packing and moving process of home decorating. For an added protective measure, store spools in big plastic containers. You can sort decorations and label the bins (psst…this also keeps them dust-free!).

2. Vacuum Seal

Grab some vacuum seal bags from the store and use them to store stockings and Santa costumes! Vacuum seal bags work wonders for creating and saving storage space. Fold up all of your client’s holiday fabrics or garments and pack them away with an air-tight seal!

Be forewarned: vacuum sealed bags can be heavy, so be careful when moving them around!

3. Rolling Organizers

For tree ornaments, candles, and all other bits and bobs, pack them away in different drawers to keep them organized. There’s never been a better use for a label maker!

Grab a rolling organizer and use it to store different types of decorations. A clever tip: use silverware organizers for thin candles to keep them from breaking! Try using a long organizer with wheels and a handle to store any décor that is quite heavy. This allows you to move décor easily from one place to the next without struggling to get it down the hall on your own!

4. Garment Bag Covers

Yes, you heard us correctly! Pick up some garment bags to use as a tree cover (if your clients keep a fake tree) and to stop wreaths from being damaged.
Not only will garment bags keep your faux evergreens safe and in good condition, they’ll also catch any falling needles to save you some cleanup!

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5. Bubble Wrap Layers

For an easy storage hack to pack up fragile decorations and ornaments, layer bubble wrap down to create a buffer that prevents scratches or cracks. Whether you use drawers or just a simple cardboard box, layering bubble wrap between layers of ornaments keeps your holiday décor from being damaged even if it’s shoved around a little!

6. Umbrella Racks

Storing wrapping papers rolls in an umbrella rack is genius. Wrap an elastic around already open wrapping paper to keep it from unrolling, and store it vertically in an umbrella rack. Or if your client has an old bucket laying around, use it to store wrapping paper straight up. Either one works well to keep rolls together and tidy!

If you’re looking for an even better organizing hack for gift wrapping supplies, check out this wrapping paper holder set complete with space for bows, bags, ribbons, and more! We’ll definitely be searching for one of these this year…

7. Holiday Dinnerware

The holiday season is when a lot of idle dinnerware appears to overtake kitchens for epic Christmas meals and New Years’ parties. Your biggest concern when bringing out nice dinnerware: how many will break this time?

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Never fear—your clients can store china and good dishes in convenient dinnerware cases! It will keep plates, bowls, and glasses safe in storage! They are also easy to transport to the dining room. Rather than the usual cardboard box and bubble wrap combination, store dishes quickly with these handy sets! They come with velvet dividers designed to prevent dishes from banging together and breaking.

So don’t fret about missing or broken holiday decorations anymore—rest assured that these simple storage hacks will keep ornaments safe. Not to mention, they’ll save your clients a lot of time packing and unpacking all of their seasonal décor!

Passionate about DIY storage solutions in the home? See if you have what it takes to be a professional organizer with this quiz!

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