Laundry rooms are usually the last place clients think of when they want to organize their homes—but it should be the first! Having an organized laundry room makes everyday life so much easier. No more dreading the washing basket full of clothes! Use these simple organizing hacks to give your clients a peaceful place to clean and fold their clothing without hassle.

Add colorful patterns

When you think about laundry rooms, it’s usually a couple of machines shoved into an old closet or in the back of the basement. Having a boring laundry room makes laundry seem like even more of a chore (it that’s even possible). So redecorate your client’s laundry room with some colorful patterns to add energy into the room. Appealing visuals will be an incentive for your clients to look forward to washing their clothes—well, maybe. It definitely won’t be as dreadful as it was before!

Light and calming colors are best for a laundry room since they create a tranquil atmosphere. Make the room looks cute with some simple patterns or fun wallpaper, or simply hang some art to give your client something to admire while they do housework!

Make counter space

Counterspace in the laundry room—how to make counters organized

This may require some DIY work or getting a handyman involved, but adding counter space into your client’s laundry room makes a massive difference. A counter is easier to work on, and gives your client space so they don’t feel overcrowded or try to balance too many products at once. Install a countertop over the machines to make use of vertical space. If your client has the room, adding cabinets or drawers under the counter will make organizing easier than ever—just grab your label maker and section off the inside of the cupboards! This is a great spot for storing household cleaning products together and out of the way.

Wash guide

Make life simpler for your clients by adding a helpful wash guide! Give your client advice on how to wash certain materials or how to remove stains properly with an infographic. Just laminate and place it somewhere in view. This can be a life saver when there’s an unfortunate spill in the house! Plus, you can create a laundry schedule for clients if they find themselves struggling to keep up with their washing. The last thing a busy client needs in the morning is the realization that they have no more work clothes. Save them from themselves by creating an easy-to-follow (and keep up with) weekly laundry schedule.

Create accessible storage

Laundry room storage ideas for professionally organizing small homes

One thing that’s annoying and makes a laundry room feel disorganized is inaccessible supplies. Help your client by installing some clever storage so everything is within reach when loading and unloading clothes. Use drawers or a small pantry to hold laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and even add a place to dispose of lint close by. If you go for cabinet storage, be sure they’re not too high for your clients, or get them a sturdy stool to have handy!

Organizing a laundry room is about creating ease—no one wants to feel more stressed when they’re doing chores. Having supplies accessible and in easy reach makes laundry time that much quicker for your client.

Designated hampers

Label hampers according to clothing colors, family members, or any other way your clients prefer. Using designated hampers saves your client from having to sort through dirty clothing and saves them time. This quick trick turns a time-consuming chore into an easy task.

If you’re feeling crafty, install hampers that can pull out like drawers—this will make them accessible to everyone in the family and makes it easier for clients to organize their clothing. Once laundry is clean and folded, these hampers can be moved to take along to the closet. No more balancing piles of falling clothes or losing a pair of socks along the way.

Install an ironing board

Ideas for ironing board storage in a laundry room

A fold-out ironing board is a dream come true for clients with little space in their laundry room. It saves them from feeling crammed as they iron their clothing, and they don’t have to carry out an awkward ironing board every time they have a wrinkled blouse. A clever idea for a fold-out ironing board is installing it onto the back of the door or a nearby wall. Make sure it’s secure and you’re good to go! Space-saving has never been easier.

Your clients will be so grateful for your clever organizing techniques and time-saving tricks! Laundry doesn’t have to be a drag—structure the laundry room efficiently so your clients have everything they need in easy reach.

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