Valentine’s Day is a time to focus on loved ones and partners…so how can we capture some of that magic in home design? Strategic home décor will add romantic elements to your client’s home, and leave it looking elegant rather than overwhelming.

For interior decorators, Valentine’s Day can be the perfect opportunity to bring in some oomph into your designs. But we’re not talking hot pink confetti hearts! Looking for some inspiration? Take a look at these Valentine’s Day-inspired décor ideas! Wow your clients with some subtle touches of romance that will remind your clients of their loved ones all year long.

Flowers for interior decorating and Valentine's inspired decor

1. Harness your flower power

Not only are flowers a staple of Valentine’s Day, but they also bring warmth and liveliness to the home! House plants provide clean air and freshness to the home. Plus, colorful flowers brighten up any room!

Add bouquets and flower vases around your client’s home, focusing on shades of red and pink to bring some Valentine’s Day spirit into their lives. If your clients feel like splurging, roses give an extra hint of romance! Flowers are pleasant to look at, are wonderfully fragrant, and make homes feel well-taken care of! This simple trick has maximum benefits.

2. Add a pop of color!

Valentine’s Day décor focuses on varying shades of reds, pinks, and whites—so add some colorful décor to your client’s home! Use red and pink linens in your client’s living room, like a few new pillows, to brighten up the room. These colors invite passion and love into the home on a subtle level, so they won’t overpower the room in small doses. Small additions of color create a focal point. Consider adding colored linens in the bedroom and bathroom for a little extra Valentine’s spirit!

3. Get guilt-free sweets

When it comes to decorating kitchens, adding themed décor can seem out of place at times. Instead of overloading your client’s cooking space with colored décor, use health-inspired Valentine’s treats! Artfully place strawberries and dark chocolate in the kitchen add a sweet touch. Strawberries are filled with Vitamin C, and dark chocolate is known as a source of magnesium and iron (in proper portions, of course!). Give your clients a guilt-free Valentine’s snack and design the kitchen to promote healthy living!

Guilt-free treats for Valentine's Day

4. Create a romantic ambiance

You don’t need to go overboard on this one, but adding a few candles around the home will create warmth and comfort. Scented candles can stimulate your clients’ senses too. Find vanilla scented candles to calm or cinnamon and spiced scents to warm. The soft lighting from candles creates a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. And if your clients are planning a candlelight dinner for a Valentine’s date, they can cook one up right at home!

5. Create personalized artwork

For a personal touch in the home, order or create artwork that focusses on what’s most important to your clients. A simple way to add artwork is by using signage or wooden letters. For example, if your clients focus on family values, you may opt to frame a short quote about family in fancy calligraphy. This keeps them in the forefront of your client’s mind. They’ll love the elegant DIY artwork and display it all year round!

For a more intimate Valentine’s reminder, use a couple’s initials to remind them of their relationship. If your clients are Jane and John, add the letters “J & J” to the entrance of their home or in the living room. This welcomes guests into their house, as well as making it a place focused on love and connection.

Valentine's Day decor and crafts

6. Set the table!

Create a festive Valentine’s look by paying attention to your client’s dining room. Use a red table runner and set up a centerpiece with pillar candles. Keep the table set and ready with clean wine glasses, napkins, and fancy silverware! This quick design tip gives your client’s home a touch of elegance. Not to mention, setting the table encourages your clients to enjoy a candlelit dinner with their loved ones. No more TV dinners—make your clients feel fancy every day of the week!

Creating Valentine’s-inspired home décor doesn’t need to be expensive or overpowering. A few quick touches can transform any home into a place of security and warmth. Your clients will be dying to enjoy a romantic Valentine’s evening in!

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