Spring is just around the corner, and soon enough the real estate market will leap back to life. After the slow winter months, this will be welcomed by many industry professionals and those who are taking home staging courses. Are you prepared for the upcoming rush? We’ll let you in on a secret – there is no such thing as being too prepared!

That’s why we’ve rounded up the top reasons for taking home staging courses. Just like being prepared, being competitive is one of the best ways to improve your career opportunities. Continue reading to learn about how home staging courses can boost your career during this year’s real estate rush!

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Stand out

Whether you’re already working in the industry or not, you probably know what home staging is. If not, we’ll briefly summarize. Home staging is the act of decorating and furnishing an empty space to help buyers visualize the potential and sell homes quickly.

Most professionals in the real estate or design industries have a niche. This is great; it is totally awesome to do one thing and to do it well! But, depending on your local competition, there may be others doing the same. This is where it can be difficult to gain traction.

Whether there is a little or a lot of competition in your area, there’s no harm in standing out. In fact, standing out will attract new clients and emphasize your value to current ones.

If you are an interior decorator, home staging will teach you about the real estate side of the industry. There are differences between decorating a home for a family and decorating a home for buyers. Venture outside your comfort zone! You’ll be able to market your skills to real estate agents in your area.

If you enjoy being busy and want to take advantage of the real estate rush, home staging may be perfect opportunity for you. The best news for interior decorators is that there are special home staging courses available for those with a design background. No need to waste time re-learning what you already know!

Real estate agents know that sellers will gladly welcome home staging services. Oftentimes, the moving process can be a painful one. This is especially true when homes take some time to sell. It doesn’t mean that real estate agents aren’t doing a good job! Sometimes buyers just can’t envision a home as their own when it’s empty. Can you blame them?

By offering home staging services you will stand out from the other real estate agents in your area. Anyone looking to sell their home quickly will be immediately attracted to you as an agent and home stager.

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The Perks

If you’re a real estate agent or an interior decorator, your income most likely dipped during the slow season. This is why home staging and real estate are such a popular career combination. These two specialties play off one another and increase salaries.

Beyond the extra income you’ll earn, there are many other perks to home staging. During the real estate rush, many professionals experience mayhem. With so many eager buyers and sellers it can be hard to keep up. By learning about the other side of the industry, you will expand your knowledge and understanding. This will make you a better partner to work with – not to mention how much easier you will pick up industry lingo, customs and practices.

So, how does this all relate to making it through the seasonal real estate rush? Consider home staging as the Super Grow to your client and sales numbers. Adding this designation will allow you to take advantage of all the opportunities available during the rush. Hint: staged homes sell faster. For real estate agents this means a faster turnover rate and freed up time to take on more clients!

And don’t think we forgot about you interior decorators. All these sales will increase your exposure as a decorator and a stager. You can expect to pick up more jobs by helping real estate agents and finding more independent decorating gigs!

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Beyond the season

At this point, you’re probably convinced that home staging can help you out during the upcoming rush. But let’s take a moment to reflect on how home staging can improve your career for seasons to come.

Combining services creates a complete offering. This could serve as the base for a very attractive business. Have you dreamt of flexibility, working from home and greater income potential? Your answer is probably yes. We all do! Self-employment is a modern career goal. That’s why we wanted to mention how any combination of home staging, decorating, and real estate would make an amazing business.

Stay current – and most importantly – confident in your abilities. Learning is one of the best ways to develop your career. Every new project is a learning opportunity. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned professional, you are learning every day. So, why not try learning about something that could lead to a new business opportunity?

Consider home staging an investment. An investment that will help your career thrive through many real estate seasons, so stand out. Well – more than we’re sure you already do! From the financial perks to your enhanced reputation and client base, preparing now with home stager training is a no-brainer.

Spring is quickly approaching and we can’t wait to see you thrive this season!

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Want to enhance your career with home staging courses? Check out QC’s Home Staging Course or the new Staging for Designers Course created for interior decorators!

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