Interior decorating is becoming easier to get into with the wide variety of tech gadgets and apps available. Want to color match a home’s former rug to a wall paint? There’s an app for that. Want the 3D floorplan mockup to be decorated with real products you can purchase? Yep, there’s an app for that as well.

Your clients expect you to be on top of the current decorating trends and industry tech. Not only is it a great way to increase your own work efficiency, but you’ll impress clients with your tech-savviness.

Do you want to become a tech-savvy interior decorator? Check out these 7 apps and software that industry pros love using in their business!

1. MyPantone – Free with in-app purchases

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MyPantone will pinpoint any color on an image or photograph you upload. In fact, you can match colors on any image you find on social media! However, rather than matching you to a paint color from a specific brand, the app connects you with Pantone’s standardized color library. If you’re stuck on creating a color story, MyPantone will also generate harmonious color combinations for you. Try out the color schemes on 3D-rendered materials and designs! Did we mention all color palettes can be sent to Adobe’s Creative Cloud?

2. Shoeboxed – Free demo, then starting from $29/month

Shoeboxed is incredibly handy for designers who want to move from antiquated filing systems to cloud storage. As a business owner, you’re sure to end up with piles of receipts, client contracts, and scratch paper on your desk. While you need to hang on to them, they can end up taking over a whole lot of space. And unless you’re incredibly organized, they can easily get lost.

Shoeboxed changes that. Fill one of their prepaid “Magic Envelopes” with receipts and paper clutter, and Shoeboxed will digitize and archive all of it for you. Once you’ve set up an account you can also download the free mobile app to scan receipts on the go.

3. SampleBoard – Free 14-day trial, then $39/month

SampleBoard is Pinterest’s more sophisticated cousin. Moodboards are an important part of the decorating process. They allow you to communicate your vision to the client. They’ll be able to see your ideas before committing, and see how all your design recommendations work cohesively. Moodboards may also save both you and your client time. If there is something they don’t like, they can find their own images to collaborate in the decorating process outside of face-to-face meetings.

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Use SampleBoard to curate inspiration images from all over the web into one space for your various client projects. From furniture to color schemes to textures, your clients will be able to visualize their space in a new light. If you’ve just been using Pinterest, upgrading to SampleBoard allows you to keep all your work while upping the professionalism of your presentation.

QC Design School students receive a monthly-recurring 50% discount off the Professional Plan. Graduates are also eligible for special pricing (contact SampleBoard directly for special pricing).

4. Sun Seeker – $13.99

Optimizing natural light is one of the keys to a happy, healthy home. Sun Seeker gives you a flat compass view of your home or workspace that shows where and when you’ll be getting the most sun. That’s right, it can give you the sun’s position and path on any given day, including the exact time the sun rises and sets.

You may think knowing the solstice and equinox solar paths is a bit overkill for your purposes. However, this knowledge can help you make the most of your client’s natural sunlight year-round. For example, you can use Sun Seeker to determine the best place to set up a productive office for your client!

5. BrightNest – Free

This one’s for you, professional organizers! You may or may not end up using BrightNest yourself, but it may be the perfect recommendation for your tech-savvy clients. Acting as a virtual “personal assistant,” BrightNest helps create a schedule for household chores and tasks, and it provides friendly reminders of when they need to be done. It can also recommend better ways to do the tasks you’re already doing. For the client who just needs a little nudge to get those good habits in place, BrightNest is perfect.

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6. Houzz – Free

Houzz is one of the leading home design apps. It’s popular with professional designers, décor hobbyists, and even celebrities! Use Houzz to create “idea books” for project inspiration, and shop their lively marketplace for trendy decor products.

But the cherry on top is the extensive professional network of home designers, handymen, and other home service providers. If you’re looking to increase your design business’ online presence, create a business profile on Houzz! List your services, show off your portfolio, and invite reviews of your business. The database will connect with your local homeowners who are actively seeking out your services.

7. IKEA Place – Free

Home Design Apps

Can’t get enough of IKEA’s Scandinavian aesthetic? IKEA Place uses augmented reality to preview furniture in your clients’ space. That’s right, gone are the days where you must purchase and assemble an item to see if it’s a good fit. The app allows you to place virtual, true-to-scale IKEA furniture in any room. You’ll see whether a sofa’s dimensions or style would be suited to your clients’ space.

Plus, the app has a smart visual search function. Photograph any piece of furniture and the app will identify it (if it’s an IKEA product) or suggest similar IKEA items.

Tell us about your favorite design app in a comment below!

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