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Tips for Creating Curb Appeal in the Fall and Winter

Curb appeal is important in the summer and it’s also much easier to achieve when everything’s green, blooming, and vibrant.

What happens when the seasons change? How can you keep your clients’ home looking friendly and stylish when the trees don’t have leaves, the lawn is covered in snow, and nature’s colors are subdued?

Never fear! With a little creativity, there are plenty of ways to boost the curb appeal of your client’s home!

What is curb appeal?

Curb appeal refers to how stylish, polished, and welcoming a home appears from the outside. Good curb appeal can significantly increase a homeowner’s chance of selling a house quickly, and that’s where design professionals come in!

Keeping up the outside of your client’s home does more than just reflect the homeowner’s style or impress their neighbors:

Creating curb appeal without leaves in rain gutter

Who needs curb appeal?

Any home will benefit from a good curb appeal!

It’s especially important to people who are interested in selling their house or attracting renters. If the outside of the home is run down, peeling, and looks like it might be riddled with problems, it won’t matter whether it’s actually stylish and in good condition on the inside.

Exterior upkeep is crucial to helping your clients show the home and close the deal!

How can you create curb appeal in the fall and winter?

Flowers and hours of bright sunshine are nice, but there are other ways to transform the outside of a house. Check out these techniques for creating curb appeal in the colder months!

1. Seasonal decorations

Depending on where you live, your client’s adorable lawn gnomes and whimsical wind chimes will end up buried in leaves or weighed down by snow. Just like you rotate seasonal decorations on the inside, transition from summer to fall and winter accessories outside too.

Fall and winter curb appeal decorations

Subtle, tasteful decorations increase how inviting your client’s home looks from the street. Just be careful not to go overboard with yard decorations. Giant inflatable lawn snow globes with lights and music might thrill the neighborhood kids, but they won’t attract serious buyers.

2. Clear walkways

Increasing curb appeal can be aesthetic and functional.

If a potential buyer approaches your client’s home and has to search under leaves for the path to the door, they might pass on looking inside. Buyers will definitely turn away if they can’t even get to the path due to three feet of snow.

Encourage your clients to keep their pathways clear, not just because it looks more inviting but also because it’s safer!

3. Fresh paint

Like clearing the walkways, putting a fresh coat of paint on the outer walls of the house is useful in more ways than one.

Color on the walls is especially appealing through the bare tree branches!

4. Lighting

Outdoor lighting completely transforms your client’s house, especially in the winter. When the days end so early, chances are high that potential buyers will drive by for a look after dark. The house will look much more appealing with:

Dark houses look uninviting and unapproachable, so lighten up!

Lighting creating curb appeal in winter

5. Seasonal plants

You don’t have sunflowers, roses, and pansies to work with in the fall and winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t include plants in your curb appeal scheme! Some bushes, trees, and flowers thrive in cold weather, making them the perfect decorative pieces for your client’s fall and winter yard. Give the scene a little life with:

6. Keep your deck alive

Many homeowners move or cover their deck furniture and pile their outdoor yard equipment on the deck for the winter.

Though it might be a hassle and requires some creative storage solutions, try to keep the deck or porch looking neat and as though the clients use it all year long. Who knows, your clients might actually start using their deck in the winter if it’s suddenly accessible!

7. Winterize your water display

Water features are appealing in the summer and the winter. For clients who are willing to invest in a statement piece, keep the fountain or pond (and pond life!) from freezing by setting up an aerator, a de-icer, and a small heater.

These accessories are available from the same home and garden stores that also sell fountains and home pond set ups. Rippling water in a yard surrounded by a frozen, still setting creates an appealing and almost romantic contrast.

8. Add some color

If painting the outer walls a bright color is too much for your clients, consider painting accent features instead. This adds a splash of color to the neutral surroundings, letting your clients pick a brighter hue than they might want on the entire outside of the house.

Accented door creating curb appeal

Make the home stand out against a fall or winter backdrop by painting:

Keep things lively

Fall and winter are gorgeous seasons, despite the chill. Don’t let darker hours and cold temperatures overshadow the beauty of your client’s home. Subtle décor and pops of color will keep their house looking fresh, friendly, and inviting without looking like a Christmas gingerbread house compared to the neighbors!

Are you interested in learning more about creating curb appeal and other tricks to help a house sell faster? Check out QC’s Home Staging course!

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