A guide to spring cleaning for professional organizers

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Professional Organizing 101: A Guide to Spring Cleaning

As endless as the winter months can seem, the freezing temperatures will soon give way to the warmth and sunshine of spring. It may be difficult to see the (sun)light at the end of the tunnel, but it is important for professional organizers to start planning now for spring cleaning!

If you live in a climate that experiences winter each year, you know firsthand that spring is a time of renewal. Plus, it’s often the best time to clean and organize the home.
As you begin to plan (and look forward to warmer days ahead), use this guide to help your clients get their homes clean, organized, and ready for the warmer months!

1. Get Started

Cold weather makes us want to hibernate, so it’s no surprise that your clients have spent a great deal of time cooped up indoors throughout the winter months. As the professional organizer, your first order of business will be to bring some fresh air into the home – throw open those windows and doors! Allowing the fresh air to circulate will not only clear out the stale feeling within the home, it will also get your clients motivated.

Next, bring some fresh blooms into the home – the warmer the weather, the more choices you’ll have when it comes to plants and flowers. Start by bringing in lilacs or lilies, which bring a soft scent to increase the feeling of spring renewal.

2. Focus on Specific Areas

You already know the benefits of a task list when it comes to productivity, but it is an absolute must when getting the home ready for spring. A great way to organize your list is room-by-room, which will allow you to organize your time and energy effectively. On this list, specific areas of focus should be as follows:

Organize closets for the spring

Professionally organize garages and attics!

Get your home organized for spring with these professional organizing tips!

3. Keep it Simple

Spring is a time to refresh the home and renew the spirit, so keep spaces simple and clean! Less general items leads to less clutter, so channel your inner minimalist. Follow the tips above for each area of the home to bring your clients an organized and fresh feeling as they begin a new season.

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