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A house becomes a home with a trained eye and creative vision. This is why clients seek out professional interior decorators, and why interior decorating has become a global, multi-billion dollar industry! QC Design School’s online Interior Decorating course allows you to channel your passion for home décor into a successful design career.

The decorating course teaches you how to create custom interiors from the ground up. This includes how to assess your client’s needs and prepare designs involving floor plans, wall treatments, furniture placement, and more. You’ll learn color theory and how to apply each color in home design plans, as well as a history of different styles such as Southwestern and Art Deco, and how to reproduce elements of them in your clients’ home.

You’ll work with a variety of budget types and different client personalities through hands-on and theory-based assignments. Through training, you’ll learn how home decorators create magic in every space. Design industry experts will review your work and provide you with detailed audio feedback, which you can use as you move onto further units in your interior decorating class.

This online Interior Decorating Course is designed to provide you with a learning experience that is straightforward and enjoyable, preparing you for a successful career in home design!

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Full Color Books
QC’s Interior Decorating Course Includes:
  • 23 full-color interior design and decorating lesson texts.
  • Fully customizable business forms and templates for use in your professional design work.
  • Hands-on exercises, including home design plans, to develop your professional decorating skills.
  • A series of instructional interior decorating videos featuring interviews with clients, industry insiders, and vendors.
  • Comprehensive business training designed specifically for professional interior decorators, including how to set up and register your business, advertise, and manage projects and accounts.
  • Six units that each contain an easy-to-follow course guide that will instruct you when to read lesson texts, watch videos, and complete assignments for your interior decorating course.
  • A starter art supplies kit which includes a set of watercolor paints, rulers, set of colored pencils, paint brush and plastic palette.

Your Interior Decorating Certification

Once you’ve completed the Interior Decorating Course online, you’ll graduate with the International Design and Decorating Professional (IDDP) certificate. This certification demonstrates that you have successfully completed professional interior decorator training and that you possess all the skills and knowledge required to create beautiful and comfortable homes.


Scroll through the sections below to learn about each unit in the Interior Decorating course.

Unit A

Learn about the elements and principles of decorating, as well as the role of the professional interior decorator. You’ll study focal points, color theory, and become familiar with various room styles. The first business unit of the interior decorating course focuses on the details involved in starting your own business with your interior decorator certificate and becoming your own boss!


Unit B

Discover basic design materials such as wood, concrete and stone, and learn how they can be used in different rooms – for example, using geometric, colored concrete to create an edgy bathroom design! Glass, ceramic and plaster are just a few of the modern home design materials that you’ll explore in this unit of your interior decorating class. Next, learn how to measure and sketch the dimensions of a room. Use these skills to draw floorplans which will provide your clients with a bird’s-eye view of your home design plans.


Unit C

Learn about the balance, visual weight, and traffic patterns of a room and how to harmoniously place furniture within different spaces. You’ll study various types of wall treatments such as textured finishes and specialty interior painting techniques, and learn how to use them in order to alter the appearance and feeling of a room. As part of QC Design School’s Interior Decorating Course, you’ll also learn the interpersonal skills required in order to work effectively with different client personalities.


Unit D

Study lighting functions and fixtures, and learn how to create certain moods using cool, warm and neutral lighting within a space. Compare different window treatments and learn how to create illusions, such as wider and taller windows using certain rods and valances. Create custom interiors by showcasing home accessories using shelves and cabinets, and properly arranging artwork. Build your professional design portfolio, and learn how to give a professional consultation in the second business unit of your interior decorating course.


Unit E

Learn how create home design plans for the most important spaces in the home, including the bedroom and kitchen, using function, style and personality. Explore contemporary color, lighting and furniture and how they work within the home. Be introduced to drawings, design diagrams and pencil sketching that you’ll use in your interior decorating jobs. Learn how to present your final design to clients, which is one of the most valuable skills you’ll acquire during your interior decorating training.


Unit F

For your final project, you’ll pull together everything you’ve learned in your interior decorating course. You’ll create a custom-designed space for a mock client. Show off all the skills you’ve gained as a home design student, and use your knowledge to launch your interior decorating career!


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