Feng Shui Course Outline

Feng Shui Design Course Outline

Improve your client's health, wealth and happiness with a few simple design secrets based on the ancient art of Feng Shui design. You'll learn how to harmonize and balance each and every room in a home and even apply your teachings to your own space! Whether you are considering a new career in Feng Shui consulting, or simply wish to expand your knowledge of this ancient art form, this course is guaranteed to enlighten and inform you.

Here is a glimpse into your course. Click each unit to learn more:

Unit A

The Basics: An introduction to the exciting career of feng shui consulting. You will learn what types of services you can offer, who your clients will be, and what kinds of projects you might be hired to work on.

Fundamental Principles: Learn the key principles of feng shui theory, including the fundamental concepts of ch'i, yin and yang, and the five elements.

Unit B

Tools of the Trade: Learn how to use the Bagua map to take energy readings of your clients' homes, and how to locate missing or extended areas. You will learn the properties of the eight trigrams and the guas, and how to use them to solve energy imbalances. Finally, you'll learn about feng shui cures and symbols, which you will use to improve harmony and balance in your clients' living and work spaces.

Unit C

Decorating Skills: You‘ll learn a full range of decorating skills to enhance your feng shui training, including: floor planning, color theory, lighting theory, and accessorizing. These skills will give you a competitive edge. You are sure to gain many satisfied customers when you present them with balanced feng shui rooms that also meet their style and decorating preferences!

Unit D

Social Spaces: This unit takes you through the social spaces of a building and demonstrates how to evaluate and improve their potential in keeping with feng shui ideals. You will learn how to draw positive energy into a home's front door and foyer.

Application: You will learn how to use feng shui principles to pull positive energy into a home's living room, family room, kitchen, and dining room to produce vibrant, happy, harmonious spaces.

Unit E

Private Spaces and Storage Spaces: First, you will learn how to generate balanced energy flow in bedrooms and bathrooms. Next, you will learn how hallways, windows, doors, and staircases can be improved to increase healthy energy in your clients' living environments. Then, you learn how rooms used for storage can impact on a home's ch'i flow, and how to apply feng shui values to make them as beneficial as possible to the home's overall energy balance.

Unit F

Electromagnetic Fields: Learn how to manage electromagnetic fields and how to locate an auspicious or “lucky” site to build a home.

Outdoor Feng Shui: You will learn how to bring positive ch'i energy to yards, gardens, and other areas surrounding the home's exterior.

Cleansing Ceremonies: You'll learn how to clear away any leftover energy challenges using feng shui cleansing ceremonies.

Unit G

Starting your own Business: You'll receive an introduction to key business concepts and terms—learn how to plan and set up your professional organizing business.

Marketing and Promotion: An in-depth look at the tools and techniques available to promote your business.

Working with Clients: You'll learn how to conduct a feng shui consultation, draw up contracts, and invoice clients. You'll also learn how to create an maintain strong client-professional relationships.