Feng Shui

Feng Shui Course Package

Our feng shui design course will teach you everything you need to know to apply this ancient design art to any space in a home—indoors or out. Working through a fully comprehensive set of materials and visual aids, you'll learn step-by-step what it takes to create a design using the principles of feng shui. Your texts will teach you how, and your course guides will test your knowledge.

Course Contents

  • Two professional guidebooks: Becoming a Feng Shui Consultant and A Guidebook for Starting Your Business.

  • Four full-color course texts: Lighting, Floor Planning, Accessorizing, and Working with Color.

  • Practical, hands-on assignments designed to develop your professional skills.

  • Course guides: The course is divided into seven units and each unit is accompanied by an easy-to-follow course guide. The course guide takes you through your program step by step, and instructs you when to read your course books, watch your movies on DVD, and complete your assignments. Everything is arranged to make your learning experience straightforward and enjoyable.

  • Advice from your personal tutor: Your tutor, an experienced Feng Shui consultant, will review your assignments and give you expert advice based on years of professional experience.

  • The AFDP™ professional designation: When you graduate, you'll receive a beautiful certificate certifying you as an Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional (AFDP). Ready for framing, your certificate is a testament to your professional education, knowledge, and skills.

  • Access to our Online Student Center: You'll be able to download additional course materials and extra copies of business form templates. You'll also be able to develop personalized web pages that can be found through our “Find a Professional” search tool.

  • A fully illustrated reference book bursting with tips, ideas, and advice for design professionals.*

*Reference book subject to change.