Feng Shui Assignments

Your Feng Shui Assignments

You'll work through a variety of thought-provoking, enlightening, and exciting Advanced International Feng Shui Design™ assignments.

Below are a list of some of the exercise types you'll be asked to complete:

  • Evaluate the bagua map: learn how to draw and evaluate the bagua map for every type of floorplan, from interior rooms to exterior landscapes.

  • Practice color theory: study the color wheel and perfect the art of evaluating and enhancing design through the use of color

  • Complete case studies: read and review real Feng Shui design situations and respond to the questions asked of you

  • Create floorplans: draw scale renditions of your feng shui designs for every room.

  • Fill out client profiles: examine your client's needs and wants and adjust your work style accordingly

  • Complete multiple-choice lessons in accordance with each unit's lessons

  • Review the optional business training: learn the essentials of starting your own feng shui design business and how to succeed in the design industry using key marketing and promotion techniques

Take a look at a sample assignment.