Home Staging

Home Staging Course Outline

Our home staging course provides you with professional skills and a thorough understanding of the staging process to ensure your success as an International Staging and Redesign Professional (ISRP®). You'll discover what makes a home appealing to potential buyers and how to deliver amazing results.

Here is a glimpse into your course. Click each unit to learn more:

Unit A

Introduction to Staging: An introduction to the dynamic world of home staging.

The Art of De-Cluttering: Tips to help your clients stay organized and clutter-free.

Focal Points, Color, and Room Styles: Focal points—learn how to evaluate a space and feature its best elements. Color basics—the color wheel and basic color schemes. Room Styles—learn how to identify different styles and create a distinct look for the space you're staging.

Painting With Watercolors: Enhance your drawings and floorplans with a wash of color.

Starting Your own Business: Your complete guide to planning and setting up your own interior design business.

Supplementary Booklet: A useful quick-reference guide with information on basic floorplan notation.

Unit B

Depersonalizing: Learn which personal belongings distract potential buyers.

Understanding Floorplans: Learn how to draw floorplans and accurate scale drawings.

Moving Sales: Organize a sale with the clutter you've removed from a home.

Marketing and Promotion: An in-depth look at different ways to promote your business.

Unit C

Curb Appeal: Create the best first impression for potential buyers.

Space Planning: Learn about balance, visual weight, and scale.

Window Treatments: Compare treatments and learn to dress windows with flair.

Building Your Portfolio: Create a professional portfolio of your work and skills.

Working with Clients: Present yourself and your work in a professional manner.

Unit D

Lighting: Learn about fixtures, bulbs, and lighting functions.

Accessorizing: Select and coordinate accessories for that special final touch.

Furniture Selection and Placement: Harmonizing the style, function, and placement of furniture.

Real Estate Basics: Understand how your job fits in the real estate industry.

Unit E

Final Project: Use your knowledge and skills to stage a home.

Bonus Green Design Booklet: Learn how to use Earth-friendly materials to create beautiful and environmentally friendly interiors.