Interior Decorating

Your Interior Decorating Course Package

Our course gives you advanced knowledge and skills. You'll start by learning the basics of color theory and design styles. Next, you'll learn in-depth information about color schemes, selecting and arranging furniture, planning room layouts, window treatments, lighting, accessories, textiles, and many other design elements. We'll teach you how to work magic in every space including living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. All the skills you need to create practical yet appealing rooms will be covered.

Course Contents

  • 23 full-color design and decorating lesson books

  • Home Design Series: a set of instructional videos featuring interviews with professionals, clients, vendors, and other industry insiders

  • Business forms and templates you can customize and use in your professional work

  • A collection of beautifully illustrated reference books bursting with tips, ideas, and advice for design professionals

  • Practical, hands-on exercises designed to develop your professional skills

  • Comprehensive business training: You'll learn how to set up and register your business, and how to advertise and sell your services. We'll show you how to charge for your work, negotiate with vendors, and manage your projects and accounts. You'll gain the knowledge and the confidence you need to succeed as a professional decorator.

  • The course is divided into six units and each unit includes an easy-to-follow course guide. The course guide takes you through the program step by step and instructs you when to read your lesson texts, watch your online videos, and complete your design assignments. Everything is organized to make your learning experience straightforward and enjoyable.

  • Your personal tutor: A professional decorator, your tutor will review your assignments and give you expert advice on your work. It's like having your very own personal advisor and direct connection to the interior decorating industry. Additionally, if you have questions while you're going through your assignments, you can call the school and get help from one of our friendly student support specialists.

  • The IDDP® professional designation: When you graduate, you'll receive a beautiful certificate certifying you as an International Design and Decorating Professional. Ready for framing, your certificate is a testament to your professional education, knowledge, and skills