Interior Decorating

Your Interior Decorating Assignments

Our Interior Design and Decorating™ course boasts a variety of hands on as well as theory-based assignments. You'll work your way through all types of exciting exercises in our interior decorating program.

Below are a few types of assignments you'll be asked to complete:

  • Full-scale floorplans: create detailed drawings to scale of your own room design using furniture templates, and professional formatting techniques.

  • Paint mixing exercises: combine a variety of paints to illustrate your understanding of color theory

  • Before and after photos: execute full-scale decorating exercises in your own home and submit photos of your work to your tutor for review

  • Case studies: gain practical experience by evaluating real-life scenarios interior decorators face

  • Business units: create your company name, logo, and interior decorating business strategy and learn the ins and outs of marketing and promotions

Take a look at a sample assignment.