Professional Organizing

Professional Organizing Course Outline

Turn your passion for organizing and de-cluttering into an exciting career! There are thousands of individuals out there who are simply overwhelmed by the amount of stuff in their home. Work with clients one on one to transform their crowded messes into organized spaces.

Here is a glimpse into your course. Click each unit to learn more:

Unit A

The Basics: An introduction to the inspiring and rewarding field of professional organizing.

Key Organization Principles: Learn the fundamental processes of organizing.

Unit B

Understanding Floorplans: Learn how to draw floorplans and accurate scale drawings.

Space Planning: Learn about balance, visual weight and scale.

Unit C

Organizing the Home—Room by Room: Learn how to implement the key organization principles throughout the home. Discover the wide scale of movable and fixed storage solutions available at your fingertips. De-clutter and sort each room in the home creatively and effectively. You'll also learn how to create activity spaces by identifying the “true function” of each room and create activity spaces through the use of furniture placement.

Unit D

Client Profiles: Understand the differences in personality between various client profiles and how to recognize each profile.

Working with Clients: Learn how to create and maintain strong client-professional organizer relationships.

The Professional Organizer: Delve into consultations, contracts and invoicing.

Unit E

Starting Your Own Business: An introduction to key business concepts and terms. Learn how to plan and set up your own professional organizing business.

Marketing and Promotion: An in-depth look at the tools and techniques available to promote your business.

New Green Design Handbook: Learn how to use Earth-friendly materials to create beautiful and environmentally friendly interiors.