Professional Organizing

Professional Organizing Assignments

You'll complete hands-on assignments that will give you essential experience, and will prepare you to succeed in the design industry as a professional organizer.

You'll work through multi-layered assignments including

  • Furniture evaluation forms: assess and improve the placement of furniture to maximize space, room flow, and to create ideal layouts

  • Case studies: read and review real-life professional organizing scenarios and submit your responses in accordance with the lessons you learn

  • Client profiles: examine your client's needs and wants and adjust your work style accordingly

  • Floorplan designs: re-invent a space for maximum efficiency and organization using a scale drawing of the space with furniture templates

  • Belonging assessments: weigh the values of your client's possessions to decide what to keep and what to discard of

  • Business training: learn the essentials of starting your own professional organizing business and how to succeed in the design industry using key marketing and promotion techniques

Take a look at a sample assignment.