Career Opportunities

Home Staging Career Opportunities

Home stagers are in high demand. You can join the 1000s of designers involved in this exciting field!

Run a successful Home Staging Business

Work for yourself without the pressures of answering to a supervisor. Be your own boss, and start working from your home office today!

Work with Real Estate Agents

Many agents work with one home stager they know and trust for their entire career. You'll have the opportunity to pair up with a real estate agent to ensure their client's home going to sell fast!

Get Purchasing Opportunities with Major Stores

Often times you'll have to fill your client's home with more neutral pieces to prepare it for sale. You'll be able to shop around several home design stores looking for the prefect items to truly bring out the beauty of your client's home.

Redesign Spaces for Open Houses

You'll work with individuals to depersonalize their space, and give their home a more clean and simple look free of clutter.

Work on Several Design Projects and Homes

Once you create a clientele list, you can use your designs as your professional references to build more design opportunities.

Work in Design Retail Positions

Decor shops and boutiques are constantly looking for design professionals. Assist and advise others on the purchase of items that will make their space beautiful!

Interior Decorating Career Opportunities

As a professional Interior Decorator your career opportunities are endless!

Start Your Own Business

You can work for yourself, and plan your designs from the comfort of your own home office.

Shop, Shop, Shop

You'll get to scout out new furniture and decor items for your client's home.

Create Personalized Design Concepts for your Clients

You'll work with individuals to personalize their space and give their home the look they've always dreamt of, but didn't know how to execute. They'll turn to you for their every design need.

Work on Several Design Projects and Homes

Once you create a clientele list, you can use your designs as your professional references to build more design opportunities.

Team up With a Decorator or Designer

If you don't want to work for yourself, you can consult with other designers and work as part of a team on client projects. You can also apprentice with Interior Designers as a professional assistant.

Work in Design Retail Positions

Retailers are always searching for design-savvy individuals to work in home-d├ęcor boutiques and shops.

Professional Organizing Career Opportunities

Start Your Own Business

You can be your own boss when you gradute from our Professional Organizing business. Work with clients one-on-one to declutter and redesign their homes to look better, fit their lifestyle, and function properly.

Love Your Career

Each and every day you'll go to work with that rewarding feeling one only gets from doing something they love. Turn your passion and eye for organization into a lucrative career. Change someone's life by changing their home life.

Work With a Team

Often times professional organizers will be called into special cases of hoarding to help the psychiatrists and designers on site transform a cluttered space into something beautiful. You can be the one deciding what stays, and what items are unnecessary and need to go. Not only will you be working in an exciting field, you'll be changing someone's life forever.

Work With a Team of Designers

Decorators may have an eye for design, but they may not understand how to organize to maximize space and minimize inefficiency. That's where you come in! Work as part of a decorating team to make even the smallest space beautiful.

Feng Shui Design Career Opportunities

Start a Feng Shui Business

Once you graduate you'll have the skill set to tackle any Feng Shui design project. Start building your clientele base and get your name out there using your marketing and promotions training. You'll apply the ancient Feng Shui principles of design to any space, and truly change the way a person feels in their home.

Become a Consultant

Regular designers may not understand the basic principles of Feng Shui and be stuck on what to do if their client asks for these types of designs. You can work with other decorators to apply your Feng Shui expertise to their design.

Do Something You Love

This is one of the most important reasons for starting a career in Feng Shui design. You'll go to work each and every day with that rewarding feeling one only gets from doing something they are truly passionate about.

Work as Part of a Design Team

Decorators will often work in teams with specialists in each area of design. Join a panel of like-minded decorators and work on client's homes together. This will also mean that you will build a large clientele list by putting your contacts into one pool!