Graduate Hall of Fame Kalli Georgiakakis

Kalli Georgiakakis

Company Name: Broadhouse Design Inc.

Description: A Staging & Decorating Company

Region: Our offices are located in Mississauga, but we complete projects all over the GTA and in the Niagara region.

Phone: 416-420-0197

Facebook Fan Page: Broadhouse Design Inc. FB Page

Website: Broadhouse Design Inc.

What motivated you to start your career as a professional designer?

I have always had a passion for design and elegant living. After too many years of frustration working in Corporate Canada, I finally took the leap of faith to follow my passion.

What are some highlights of your career so far?

Starting my own company and building a network of industry professionals. My first contract will always be memorable. I was asked to turn a functional but dated room into a Man Cave. I learned so much while transforming it into a classy gentleman's quarters. It was very satisfying to see a reluctant client trust me and the smile on his face when the project was completed. He loves his Man Cave!

How did your course prepare you for working in the field?

QC Design School's IDDP course prepared me for working in the field by covering, in detail, three things that every designer must know. These things are Space Planning, Color Combinations, and Accessorizing.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out with their training or career?

It's tough out there. There are no shortcuts to success. Be committed and always be positive! Grow a tough skin because however good you think your designs and ideas may be, the client is always right, even when they're wrong! Diplomacy and conciliation are key components of a designer's make up.

Be professional at all times. You are a walking advertisement for your company. Don't skimp on your website, your business cards, or your brochures. Attention to detail is vital as you grow your reputation, and you're only as good as your last referral.

Above all, be bold and have fun!