Graduate Hall of Fame Lilly Krug

Lilly Krug

Company Name: Enhance Your Look, Enhance Your Life
Defining Design


  • Stage your home and get it ready for sale
  • Redesign your home
  • Distance Consultation (phone/e-mail)
  • Special Events and Holiday Decorating consultation (interior/exterior)

Region: Ottawa-Carleton Region, Ontario

Phone: 647-290-7361


What motivated you to start your career as an Interior Decorator?

As my interest and creativity in drawing, home design and exposure to decorating flourished, it became evident that in order for me to utilize my talents, skills and abilities to help others, I needed to develop specifically in these areas and acquire the necessary education and training that will prepare and position me into a career as a Home Stager, Redesign, Color and Interior Decorating professional.

What are some highlights of your career so far?

A special personal highlight is to have the privilege of being invited by QC Design to be featured on their “Spotlight” Website. I am enjoying serving clients in Home Staging, Consultations, Redesign and Interior Decorating. I am available for casual or contract projects for a company that provides Stagers to Real Estate Companies.

Apart from graduating, another significant highlight was to receive coaching and mentoring by an acclaimed, credited, educator and consultant in the Interior Decorating and Home Staging business for the preparation of homes for resale in the Ottawa area.

I have also recently done a home consultation to prepare the house for Realtor listing and received commendation from the homeowner as well as from the Realtor.

How did your course prepare you for working in the field?

This isn't just “any” course—it is a quality course offered from a unique, quality school which, I believe, made the difference in preparing, equipping and positioning me to work with confidence in this field.

In QC Design, I found what I was looking for—a quality school that is governed by high standards in course content, thoroughness of study course materials, financially doable and one that provides a generous time frame for course completion to accommodate a range of life style situations. QC Design delivers on all of these.

The availability of QC Design's highly trained professional design support team was immediate in responding to any questions or concerns. They were a positive, affirming, helpful and professional resource for counsel and assistance.

My assigned Tutors were a very valuable and vital component for evaluating and providing feedback on each assignment. It was a personal encouragement to me, building confidence that what I was doing was on track and bringing forward any adjustments I could make that would be beneficial in my studies.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out with their training or career?

If you are pursuing your passion for design, you will be happy you made the investment of time to study with QC Design. You will be highly motivated, energized, have fun and you will enjoy every aspect of your training experience. You will receive the necessary designation to begin creating one-of-a kind beautiful spaces for your clients. Don't put it off any longer—make the quality decision to pursue your design passion—you'll be very glad you made the commitment to study with QC Design.

All of the above, woven together, made the difference in equipping me to launch out with confidence to enjoy and express my creativity through Home Staging, Redesign and Interior Decorating.