Our Learning System

Our Learning System

Our professional design courses are designed to provide you with a learning experience that's both enjoyable and easy-to-follow.

Step 1: Your materials get mailed out to you

Once you enroll, we'll ship you your full package of course materials by mail. Your materials may take about 7 to 10 business days to reach you. Depending on how you pay, you'll receive your materials all at once, or unit by unit (for more information click here). Your package includes your full color text books, art supplies, assignment booklets, instructional DVDs, and much more. As soon as you've received your materials, you'll be ready to begin your course.

Step 2: Review your step-by-step instructions in your course guides

Our easy-to-navigate course guides will tell you exactly how to work through each of your units. We make it very clear so you can focus on learning the essentials of design, rather than figuring out your assignment instructions. You'll be prompted as to when you should watch your DVDs, which section of your books to read and when, as well as which questions to answer and how.

Step 3: Contact the school any time for homework assistance

Our friendly Student Support Specialists know the design courses inside and out. They can help you work through a question by bringing up the assignments themselves, or talk you through any concerns you may have. Contact us via phone, email, LiveChat, or post your questions on our Facebook Page. There's always someone at QC who is more than happy to help you!

Step 4: Receive your personal tutor's feedback

Once you've finished a unit, you'll submit your assignments through your Online Student Center where it goes directly to your industry expert tutor. Your tutor will then review your work and provide you with his or her valuable audio feedback and a letter grade. Your tutor will identify areas of opportunity and highlight your areas of strength.

Step 5: You repeat steps 1 through 4

You move on to the next unit in the course. You'll be introduced to new concepts and build on materials you've just learned. You'll develop your professional skills and gain confidence as you work through the course.

Step 6: You graduate and receive your professional certification

Once you've successfully completed all of your assignments, you'll receive your certificate in the mail and officially become a certified design professional.

Interior DecoratingIDDP®International Design and Decorating Professional
Home StagingISRP®International Staging and Redesign Professional
Professional OrganizingAIOP®Advanced International Organizing Professional
Feng Shui DesignAFDP™Advanced Feng Shui Design Professional

For more information on any of QC Design School's courses, please call 1-800-267-1829.