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How the Courses Work

Enroll Online

Follow the simple online enrollment form. Get online access to your course, and your course materials are shipped to your door within 7-10 business days!

Follow the Course Guide

Follow the convenient Course Guides that tell you when to read a book, watch a video, and complete an assignment. Submit your work through the online student center.

Review Instructor Feedback

Your personal design tutor provides you with audio feedback on all of your assignments.  Use her feedback to improve and refine your skills as you work through the course.

Graduate and Get Certified!

Once you’ve passed all the course units and paid your full tuition, you’ll receive your internationally-recognized design certification and professional designation!

What QC Design Students Have to Say
Galina SergeyevaGala Interiors

“Thanks to the ISRP course, I have learned how to create beautiful, well organized, and decorated spaces, working with any budget.”

Tracy BlackSoulstyle Interior Decorating & Home Staging

“It's good, sound training with practical and very applicable lessons...QC definitely provides the basis for developing yourself and your skills.”

Renee GignacDecor Innovation Designs

“I still use my course books today and refer back to them if there's something I'm not sure of. Because I took the home staging course it has made me a better designer and business owner.”

Cristina SalernoElla Staging & Design, Inc

“The QC Design course was great! Upon receiving my certification, I truly felt I had the knowledge, tools, and confidence to be a success in this industry.”

Wendy GoodmanQC Design Student

“Really enjoyed my interior decorating program! I liked how there was variation with assignments, including assignments where you got to show your creativity.”

Carolyn BulsinkQC Design Student

“I'm now studying interior design and enjoying every minute of it!”

About QC Design School

QC Design School is a faculty of QC Career School, an online international school that has been educating creative professionals through distance education since 1984. QC’s design courses are committed to giving students the best design training possible from the comfort of home.

QC’s outstanding Student Support Specialists provide you with access to support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The support team is available by email, phone, or Live Chat. QC Design School ensures that all of your educational needs are met, and provides you with career advice both before and after you’ve completed your online home design classes.

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