QC Design School holiday contest

A new season has arrived, we’re celebrating the holidays with a QC Design School contest!

The holidays are all about creating warm, inviting spaces for friends and family to gather, and there’s never a better time to spruce up a boring living room! This year, you’ll be designing a new space for your clients to entertain and live in.

You don’t need to be a QC student in order to enter, everyone is welcome! And there will be an amazing prize for the winner!

Contest entries close December 17th!

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How It Works

For this contest, we’ll ask you to use Pinterest to create an inspirational mood board based on the provided color palette and client scenario listed below. You’ll be redesigning a basic living room to bring a pop of color and warmth to your client’s home. The name of your board should include your first name and the contest name.

The designer whose vision relates best to their client’s expectations will be selected as the winner!

Need help using Pinterest?

Find out how to create a mood board on Pinterest at the link below!

How to Use Pinterest

Client Scenario

Your client is a young couple, aged 27 and 28, who have recently moved into a bungalow. They have decided to host a holiday dinner for their family, and want to redecorate their plain white living room before the big event.

Your clients have a budget of $4,000 to spend on redesigning their living room, and have chosen the color palette below:

Winter design color palette

They have just sold their old furniture to help fund the redesign, so you will be in charge of selecting completely new furnishings to decorate their living room. Other than the color palette, your clients are open-minded to your creative vision of the room.

Factors to Consider:

  • Your clients love to entertain friends and family, and have a living room large enough to fit 10 people comfortably. They want there to be enough seating for their guests without overcrowding the room.
  • Lighting needs to be included in the design of the room to complement the chosen color palette.
  • Your clients want the room to focus around family, and have provided you with a selection of family photographs to incorporate into the décor.
  • The room will include a 50” TV, but your clients don’t want this to be the main focus of their space.

Your Task:

Create a mood board on Pinterest with inspiration and ideas for the couple’s new living room design. Your mood board does not need to translate directly, but it does need to provide solutions and considerations to the client scenario. Your mood board must contain at least 15 photos or “pins”.

Once complete, you can easily submit your entry by uploading a link to your Pinterest board using the entry form at the bottom of this page. Make sure to include at least 6 pins on your board! Entries will close on December 17th, 2017 at 11:59 (EST).

On December 18th, we’ll post 5 finalists on QC Event School’s Facebook Page. QC’s judges will decide on a winner from these 5 finalists according to:

  • Level of detail
  • Compatibility with the client’s requests
  • Use of the provided color palette
  • Overall room design and atmosphere

The winner will be announced on December 19th on the Focal Point Blog!

The winner will receive the prize below, and have their contest submission published on the Focal Point Blog!

The Prize

Designer portfolio and bonus book
Free faux-leather portfolio for designers
Design book for contemporary living

Faux-Leather Portfolio

Veranda A Passion For Living: Houses of Style and Inspiration

Submit Your Entry

Submit your contest entry by filling out the form below!

Submit Your Entry
Still Have Questions?

We’ve answered the most common ones below! You can also read through the contest rules for more information, or contact us if your questions still aren’t answered!

Can I enter if I’m not a QC student?

Yes you can! This contest is open to anyone who has a love of event planning and event decor, whether you’re already a member of the QC Community or not!

How do I create a mood board on Pinterest?

Check out our instructions here on how to use Pinterest to create your mood board!

When will the finalists be announced?

The finalists will be announced on QC Design School’s Facebook Page on Monday, December 18th. You can view their boards and see who made it into the final round!

When will the winner be announced?

Finalists will be chosen on December 18th and uploaded to the QC Design School Facebook page. On December 19th, we’ll post our scores of all the finalists, and announce the winner!

What happens if I win?

And we hope you do!

We’ll contact you via email or by phone to arrange delivery of your prize. We’ll need to speak to you first, as we won’t send out a prize before we can verify your address either by phone or email, so make sure you’re available to chat!

You can read the full contest rules here.