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UNIT A Overview

Feng Shui Design Course

Unit A of QC Design School’s Feng Shui Design course will introduce you to the exciting world of feng shui, teaching you how to make positive changes in your clients’ lives as a consultant. Find out who hires feng shui consultants and learn about the different services you can offer with your feng shui certification. Explore the different schools within this discipline as well as fundamental feng shui concepts such as ch’i, ying and yang, the feng shui Bagua Map, and the Five Elements. Find out how clients become attached to clutter, and how to help them eliminate it.

The Basics of Feng Shui Design

Feng shui room design can help improve the health, wealth and overall happiness of your clients. Find out what’s involved in feng shui consulting as a career, as well as who hires feng shui consultants. Delve into the history and schools of feng shui, including the Compass School and Form School, and learn how the ancient practice can be applied to modern society.

Key Principles of Feng Shui Theory

One of the most important concepts in feng shui is Ch’i, which is the energy force that animates all things. Find out the three principles upon which Ch’i is based, and how to apply these principles to home design plans as well as your clients’ lives. Learn about Yin and Yang and study a helpful attribution chart to understand the features of each energy force and how they can be used in modern home design. Explore the Five Elements of feng shui and their their properties, and learn how to apply them to your clients’ homes. Discover the different characteristics of “Celestial Animals” and how each one can be used in a home interior. To wrap up this introduction to feng shui theory, find out why people keep clutter and how the decluttering process works.

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