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UNIT D Overview

Feng Shui Design Course

Unit D of QC Design School’s Feng Shui Design course will teach you how to bring Ch’i, or vital energy, into the social spaces of a home interior. Learn how important entrances and foyers are, and how to eliminate clutter in order to bring good feng shui through a home interior. Discover how the living and family rooms can be turned into bright spaces where Ch’i can circulate freely, and learn how lighting, furniture placement, and color play huge roles. Find out how to create balanced decor in the kitchen and dining room, and how these harmonious spaces can promote happy living. Learn how to apply feng shui room design principles to bring energy into these spaces, and improve your clients’ lives as a result.

Social spaces

When it comes to feng shui, social spaces are particularly important. Develop an understanding of the various social spaces of a building and how to evaluate and improve their feng shui potential. In each individual room, learn how to boost energy flow and promote positive energy and relaxation for your clients.


Learn how to use feng shui principles in order to bring the best possible energy into various social spaces in the home, including the living room, family room, kitchen and dining room. As energy enters the home through the front door, discover how to enhance the foyer and entrance area. Find out how to create an excellent first impression in a home interior by eliminating clutter, adding mirrors and bringing art and design together through well-placed artwork. Become familiar with the best lighting and furniture placement for living and family rooms, and how to properly use color. Learn about Yang decor and how it can be applied in the kitchen in order to bring energy to the space. As the dining room is directly associated with wealth and career, discover how to properly use interior painting to nurture the space for your clients.