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UNIT F Overview

Feng Shui Design Course

Unit F of QC Design School’s Feng Shui Design course moves into special topics such as electromagnetic fields, outdoor feng shui, and cleansing ceremonies. Explore how artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs) create unbalances in the energies of a client’s home interior, and study strategies that will create a balance with your clients’ electronic devices. Explore auspicious and inauspicious home locations, and delve into concept of the four Celestial Guardians. Learn how to apply feng shui to the outdoor areas of your clients’ homes, and how to use the feng shui Bagua map for these areas. Discover how feng shui room design can be used to improve offices and individual workspaces, and study helpful diagram examples. To complete the unit, you’ll learn how to conduct a space cleansing ceremony, which is an excellent service to offer clients.

Electromagnetic Fields

Appliances such as computers, TVs, stereos and radios create invisible electromagnetic fields (or “EMFs”) which affect the Ch’i of your clients’ home interiors. Learn how to analyze the EMFs in your clients’ homes and study a list of strategies to help balance the use of electronic devices in each room with the potentially negative impact of their EMFs. Explore the concept of geopathic stress, and use the knowledge gained in this unit to become confident rejecting certain sensational claims found in feng shui articles. Learn the difference between auspicious and inauspicious home locations, as well as how the four Celestial Guardians represent the energy of specific landforms.

Feng Shui for the Outdoors

By applying the feng shui Bagua map to your clients’ entire property, identify which outdoor areas can be enhanced in order to benefit your clients’ lives. Study a list of the outdoor guas, and explore how specific features such as fences, gates, pathways, gardens and trees can be applied to improve outdoor spaces. Applying feng shui to the outside areas of your clients’ properties will create harmony between their living space and surrounding environment.

Office Spaces and Cleansing Ceremonies

Discover how feng shui room design can be applied to office spaces, as good work environments are vital to ensure well-balanced and successful lives. Explore auspicious business locations including road and suite locations and how the shape of buildings can have an impact on the flow of Ch’i. Learn the importance of interior painting when it comes to office walls, and how feng shui can be applied to cubicles in order to bring balance and harmony to your clients’ lives.  To provide a satisfying conclusion to the feng shui consultation, learn how to conduct a space cleansing ceremony. Find out which equipment and sounds are needed, and study an example of a ceremony in order to fully understand how it works.