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In Unit E of QC Design School’s Home Staging Course, you’ll complete the assignments that will qualify you to receive your staging certification. Throughout the course, you have acquired all the skills and knowledge you need to transform homes into remarkable real estate products that appeal to a wide range of tastes. Now that you’ve mastered the theory behind staging, it’s time to apply your knowledge by completing the final hands-on project for the course.

The final project of the Home Staging course will require you to select a room to stage and fill out a site evaluation form noting any problems or elements you want to change. You’ll draw a rough sketch in order to create a scale floorplan, after which you’ll design an appropriate furniture layout for the space. Finally, you’ll choose accessories and furniture for the new layout and summarize your home staging concept.

Upon completion and submission of this project, you’ll be able to receive your ISRP certification, which will help you to transform homes into beautiful and functional living spaces that attract interested buyers. With the skills and knowledge you’ve gained throughout this course, you’ll be ready to declutter and depersonalize your clients’ homes, create visually appealing layouts, recommend important repairs and prepare a house for showing.