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Professional Organizing Course Overview

Unit A of QC Design School’s online Professional Organizing course will introduce you to the inspiring field of professional organizing. Discover the responsibilities and ideal characteristics of a professional in this role, and the different career paths that can be pursued with a professional organizer certification. Explore key organization principles including a three-step process to achieving order in the home, and learn how to choose your starting point. Learn how vital a professional organizer is in eliminating chaos and helping clients break poor habits.

The Art of Decluttering

Professional organizer jobs are some of the most exciting in the home design industry. Clients will seek out certified professional organizers during significant life changes, such as career transfers and divorces, or when they’re strapped for time. Discover the various home organizing services provided by professional organizers, including space planning and home decorating, which brings order to clients’ busy lives. Learn the different hats worn by professional organizers, and the many benefits of a career in professional organizing.

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