Online Student Center

Online Student Center



Online Student Center

Our Online Student Center provides you with one more way to connect with QC Design School and your peers. As soon as you register for one of our courses, you'll have lifetime access to the center and its benefits.

The student center has four main sections:

  1. My Assignments: You'll be uploading all of your work to your Online Student Center and submitting it directly to your tutor from there. Once your tutor has reviewed your work, your letter grade and audio will be displayed.

  2. Access Electronic Copies: Download assignment templates, course guides, lesson books and copies of your business training materials.

  3. Build a Personal Website: Create your own website with customizable content and be listed on our searchable database of professionals. Your website will include information about your business, photos of your best design work, and a list of services that you offer.

    Building a website may seem intimidating, but at QC Design School, we walk you through the art of site design step by step using an easy-to-navigate template. Interested clients looking for designers, decorators, and organizers will be able to find you by searching our database under the Find Professionals tab directly from the main page.

  4. Share Your Stories: Discuss your progress, pose questions, and share your stories with other students and graduates on our student forum.