Tutors Angie Chapman

Angie Chapman

What are the biggest highlights of your career?

I recently completed a turn-key home for my client on 100 acre farmland. The 3 level home was renovated and completely outfitted with furniture, accessories and household items. This home will be used as a vacation home for my client and his family. The project was completed in record time, from start to finish in only 3 months! At the final ‘reveal’ of the home, the client noted that I had surpassed all of their expectations! What a great way to complete a project!

What inspired you to pursue a career in design?

I always loved all aspects of interior design, decorating and architecture in general. I would work on my own home and give advice to family and friends until one day a close friend said I should make it a career. I then went back to school to learn the fundamentals of design and hone my skills so that I could eventually start my own business. Which I did in 1998 and my business has been growing ever since! When you have passion for your work it shows and clients respond to this.

What is your favorite part of being a tutor at QC Career School?

I enjoy seeing the passion students have for design and I like to see them progress through the course to the final project.

What is your best advice for new students pursuing a career in the design industry?

Be dedicated. Always be professional and pay attention to detail! If you have passion for your work the rest will fall into place!