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Will QC’s online design courses give you the training and certification you need to become a design professional?

Explore some frequently asked questions below and learn how QC Design School equips you with the skills you need to launch your career!

Can I claim my course tuition on my taxes?

Yes, and you could qualify to have over 50% of your course fees covered! QC is a Certified Education Institution with Employment and Social Development Canada. Learn more about tax credits and see a sample calculation here

Is it possible to learn about home design online?

Absolutely! As a QC student, you’ll receive the tools you need to develop your skills and knowledge in the design industry. You’ll succeed through hands-on assignments, and you’ll learn professional skills for real-world scenarios.

QC Design School allows you to work through assignments entirely at your own pace. There are no deadlines or stressful time restrictions.  Online design courses will fit into your own schedule and lifestyle. Even though you’re learning from home, this doesn’t mean you’re learning alone—you’ll be matched with a personal tutor who is a working professional in the design industry! Your tutor will guide you through the class and provide detailed feedback on your work. You’ll build on your knowledge as you move on to further units.

QC Design School’s Student Support Specialists are always available to answer your questions before, during, and after your design course! Contact QC today.

Do I need a certification or license to work as an interior decorator?

Despite what other organizations might say, a license, degree, or certification is NOT required to work as an interior decorator. Certification courses teach you how to work on interior decorating projects successfully, making sure that you can provide clients with effective designs and implement them appropriately, and each school or organization provides their own certification. There is no single governing body for interior decorators.

Some programs force you to take an exam at a great cost in order to receive your certification. Most of the time, this exam is not hands-on and only asks true or false questions. They also may require you to pay an annual membership in order to keep using the certification and professional title that you earned.

QC’s courses only require that you achieve a C+ in order to graduate, and your certification is yours to use for the rest of your career with no additional fees. Joining associations is a good way to network throughout your career, but you should not have to pay in order to keep your title as a certified decorator.

Does the tuition cover all costs of QC’s design courses?

No matter which program you choose, your design school tuition covers the cost of your online course texts, reference books, art supplies, videos, and access to the Online Student Center. As part of your QC Design School course fees, you’ll also receive personal advice from your tutor who is a working professional in the design industry.

There are no additional fees once you graduate. Your professional designation and certification are yours to use throughout your career—no membership fees!

Do I need prior training or experience before taking QC’s online courses?

No, you do not need any previous experience in the design industry to succeed in QC’s design courses! Whatever career path you choose, QC’s courses will teach you everything you need to know, from the fundamentals to advanced techniques, in order to become a qualified design professional.

What’s the difference between interior decorating and interior design?

These are two related, but different, pathways into the design field. Interior Design is a highly regulated field requiring a degree, apprenticeship, and licensing. Interior Design encompasses some areas of Interior Decorating but requires much more technical knowledge since it also handles architectural elements (making changes to the existing structure of a building or designing a building from the ground up, reading blueprints, load-bearing walls, drawing building plans, electrical layouts, etc).

With Interior Decorating, a license is not required so a professional certificate will allow you to work as a decorator or start your own decorating business. As an Interior Decorator, you will work with the existing structure of a space (ie. you won’t be moving walls or installing skylights) as well as decorative elements (color, textures, window treatments, fixtures, furniture layouts, etc). Any construction required will be outsourced to a contractor.

Learn more about the differences between these two roles, including their average salary and education costs here.

How long will it take to complete my online design class?

With QC Design School’s online courses, you work entirely at your own pace and decide how much time per week you want to spend developing your skills. QC’s flexible design training has no deadlines for completing course assignments. You can work through your assignments as quickly or slowly as you like! Typically, students who work on their assignments for a short period each week will complete their design course within four to six months.

Keep in mind that you have two full years to complete your design course, so you can schedule your online design training around your lifestyle!

What if I decide QC’s design course is not for me?

Once you enroll with QC, you have 21 days to decide if you would like to continue with your online design training. If, for any reason, you decide that the course isn’t for you, simply contact QC Design School for a refund of your tuition.

Is QC an accredited online design school?

Yes! QC Design School is accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), holding the highest possible consumer rating (A+) and a positive 100% consumer ranking. QC has been in business since 1984 and has a superb track record with students and customers.

There is no governing body for the decorating industry, but QC Design School is recognized internationally by a wide variety of associations in the design industry. You can learn more about these associations here.

QC’s Better Business Bureau Profile

If I take a QC design course, will I be able to start my own business?

Yes—QC’s online design classes include complete business training. You’ll learn how to set up and promote your design services, and you’ll receive professional advice during and after your design course!

Are there any technology requirements to complete my design training online?

  • A desktop computer, tablet, or laptop
  • A digital camera or smartphone/tablet that is capable of taking photos
  • An up-to-date Internet browser
  • An up-to-date Adobe Reader program

Are there any items required to complete my design training online?

Many of our courses include practical, hands-on assignments that require you to work with industry-standard tools and art supplies. These items will be part of your professional toolkit as you begin your career in design. Review your assignments carefully to determine the specific items you’ll need to complete each assignment. All the tools listed below will be readily available from most art and office supply stores:

  • Scale ruler/Architect’s scale
  • T-Square
  • Set squares
  • Color wheel
  • Furniture template (¼” scale)
  • Colored pencils or watercolors
  • Grid paper
  • White paper
  • Black art pen
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Fan deck (not required)

Are flexible payment plans available with each course?

Yes! QC Design School offers flexible extended monthly installment plans that will suit most budgets. Pay your tuition in monthly payments over one year.

If you choose to pay your tuition on an installment plan, you’ll have the option to choose the date your payments are processed, adding another level of convenience unique to QC! Contact the Student Support Team who will be happy to help you find a payment plan that’s right for you.

Do I have to pay an annual fee to QC or join an organization in order to keep my online design certification?

No. Unlike other online design programs, QC Design School recognizes your right to use your professional design certificate and designation free of charge, for life. QC’s design courses are also recognized by several prominent associations, such as Decorators and Designers Association of Canada. You’ll have the opportunity to join these associations as a student or graduate of the school.

What do I do if I get stuck on a design assignment?

If you have questions about your QC design course, you can contact your Student Support Team by phone, email, or Live Chat whenever you need to! The team will always be happy to answer your design questions. If they don’t have an answer for you, they’ll get one from your tutor! You can also get help and advice from your peers on the QC student forum, or from the QC Design School community on Facebook.

QC’s student support services

Will I be eligible to join a professional association and/or organization upon graduation from QC Design School?

Yes! Each association usually has its own application process and fees, so it is recommended that you visit the specific association’s website. You can view a shortlist of design associations here.

How will QC help me start my design career once I’ve finished the courses?

QC Design School hosts a variety of free career resources for students and graduates in the Online Student Center. Design students also receive free online business training which prepares them to run their own home design business!

Even long after you have graduated from QC’s design courses, you are always welcome to reach out to the Student Support Team who will be happy to offer ongoing support and guidance throughout your design career.


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