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Use your design skills to create beautiful events that guests will remember forever. In partnership with QC Event School, QC Design School presents our specialty Event Decor course. You’ll develop the skills you need to incorporate event design services into your existing business, build your own event design brand and run your decorating business effectively.

QC’s Event Decor course will prepare you to work with event planning professionals to execute breathtaking events. You’ll learn how to use color matching, popular themes and the latest event design trends to create a cohesive and modern look. Discover how you can combine all elements of an event to create a beautiful and cohesive presentation that will win over any client.

Once you graduate, you’ll receive an industry-recognized certification that prepares you for a successful career in design and event decor.

This online Event Decor course is designed to provide you with a learning experience that is straightforward and enjoyable, preparing you for a successful design career. 

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Digital and Physical

Benefit from the learning style that suits you best! Whether you like the convenience of accessing all your course materials online or you prefer turning the pages of a traditional book, QC has you covered.

A Wealth of

QC’s Student Support Team and your dedicated Teaching Assistants are here to help you succeed. You’ll also be paired with a working design professional, who will be your tutor throughout the course. This industry expert will provide you with personalized feedback on every assignment.

Professional Business

Catapult your career with access to real-world templates, self-study assignments, and bonus materials. Utilize these resources to develop your marketing and customer service skills.

  • Your comprehensive online and printed learning materials.
  • A series of instructional videos that teach you how to create practical layouts and design beautiful events that bring your client’s theme to life.
  • Three units containing quizzes and hands-on exercises that will develop your professional event decorating and business skills.
  • A business training unit designed for event decorators. Learn how to register your business, advertise, and manage projects and accounts.
  • Customizable business forms and templates.
  • Access to student support 7 days a week.
International Event Decor Professional
Your Event Decor Certification

Once you’ve completed the Event Decor Course online, you’ll graduate with the International Event Decorating Professional (IEDP) certificate. This certification demonstrates that you have successfully completed professional event decor training and that you possess all the skills and knowledge required to create beautiful events.

Course Outline

Select the buttons below to learn about each Unit in the Event Decor course.

Unit A

Learn about what an event decorator does on a day-to-day basis and the services you can offer to clients. You’ll study the client consultation process to ensure you know how to get the information you need to plan and design event themes and concepts. Explore how you’ll use your design skills and knowledge to impact the tone and atmosphere of an event. You’ll learn how to create a practical layout for an event, while executing a cohesive theme through color schemes and other design elements.

Unit B

Discover the decor items you’ll use to execute breathtaking events. Study popular types of flowers, the cost of each and which flowers work well together in a design. You’ll learn to work with florists to plan the perfect arrangements for your events. Find out how to match different centerpieces with a number of table styles, and make an impression with your table decor. Learn how you can use lighting to create the perfect mood and ambiance for your event. In this unit, you’ll explore options for renting event decor and equipment and consider how to develop positive relationships with event vendors.

Unit C

Explore the steps you’ll take to start your own event decor business. Decide which services you’ll offer to clients, and think about how much you’ll charge for each service. Learn how to build a brand that stands out in the event and design industries and attracts your target market. In this unit, you’ll practice important strategies to maximize your productivity and manage your business effectively.

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QC's 21-Day Money-Back Guarantee

QC’s Money-Back Guarantee

When you enroll with QC, you have 21 days to review the course and decide whether it’s the right fit for your career goals and learning style. If you decide that you do not want to take the course, simply contact the school to receive a full refund.

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