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Bradley's Interior Design Work
Bradley's Interior Design Work
QC Ambassador Bradley S

Bradley Schlagheck

Graduate of Interior Decorating and Professional Organizing

I chose to become a professional organizer and interior decorator because these areas of design have always been a huge passion of mine, outside of being a performer. I know first-hand how the art of organization and interior decor can transform a space and enhance your quality of life, both at home and at work. Having the ability to go into someone else’s space and do that work for them is a career path I couldn’t pass up.

QC Design School is unique in its format and ability to acquire a reputable certification completely online – and completely at your own pace. When I first discovered QC, I jumped at the chance because the course structure fit my busy New York lifestyle. I could maintain my daily responsibilities while working towards my certificate. Also, having a tutor devoted to just you makes the feedback incredibly personal. You can tell the instructors are focused on helping students achieve the highest level of work possible.

Without my courses at QC Design School, I wouldn’t have known where to start. My certifications gave me the tools to create a solid foundation of knowledge in all aspects of organizing and decor. They also helped me to start my own business; a venture that could have been extremely daunting. My career success has steadily built over the last two years, and I know it’s because of the attention I was given and the information I learned at QC!


Jamie's Interior Design Work
Jamie's Interior Design Work
QC Student Ambassador Jamie

Jamie Cromar

Currently enrolled in Interior Decorating and Staging for Designers

I have always daydreamed about how a room can transform and evolve. I love how a space can affect how you feel, depending on the design. The next step for me was to become a professional designer, so I could make my visions come to life!

QC Design School is unique for so many reasons. They have great course outlines, and you can choose multiple different courses to take. Their school is internationally-recognized and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. QC also has a full business unit included in their courses! Being able to learn the business and how to work with clients is so amazing!

QC Design School has set me up to accomplish my goals. Being able to get an education on my own time, and learn everything about both design and business, is a recipe for success. Working on assignments that are practical, and learning how to put them to use, is truly priceless!


Maria's Interior Design Work
Maria's Interior Design Work
QC Student Ambassador Maria

Maria Fernanda Olaya Vargas

Graduate of Feng Shui Design and currently taking Professional Organizing

My passion for design began at a very early age when I decided to study Architecture. It was then I realized I wanted to work in professional home design. I have been able to design residence, hospitality, and well-being projects. I’ve always been keen on home decoration, and my spiritual side lead me to study the fascinating art of Feng Shui. Along with this, I believe that QC’s Professional Organizing Course is a perfect complement to my other qualifications, as these skills allow me to create unique spaces where people can reflect their essence.

QC Design School is a very complete school. When I enrolled, I was not expecting all of the materials and tools I was provided, which I found very useful and professional. I also enjoy the feedback from my tutors! It’s allowed me to see where I have to improve, as well as where I’m more skillful.

More than anything, QC Design School helped me to start dreaming about launching my own business. Having the necessary tools and resources that QC gave me was the started point to create my own entrepreneurship. I’m very grateful for that!


IDDP Certification with QC
QC Student Ambassador Lindsay
QC Student Ambassdor Lindsay

Lindsay McMurray

Graduate of Interior Decorating and currently taking Feng Shui Design

I didn’t decide to become a designer right away. Design was something I was always good at, but I never thought I could acquire the knowledge in a way that suited my lifestyle. My passion for turning a space into a work of art really blossomed while I was deciding on color schemes for my first daughter’s nursery. After seeing it all come together – the paint, the furniture, and the artwork – I never looked back! QC Design School is actually the reason why I jumped in with both feet. This school gave me the courage to go after a dream I thought would never come true!

The ongoing information that I have access to as a student (and graduate) feeds my ever-growing knowledge of the industry. Being able to look back at assignments and textbooks is great for new projects and clients, so I can give the best results possible. The business unit that QC offers has helped me with my social media presence as well. Plus, you’re provided with templates to help keep your projects neatly structured. All of this has helped me create an organized and professional business, which has been imperative – especially at the beginning of my career!

The ongoing information that I have access to as a student (and graduate) feeds my ever-growing knowledge of the industry. Being able to look back at assignments and textbooks is great for new projects and clients, so I can give the best results possible. The business unit that QC offers has helped me with my social media presence as well. Plus, you’re provided with templates to help keep your projects neatly structured. All of this has helped me create an organized and professional business, which has been imperative – especially at the beginning of my career!

Alexa's Interior Design Work
Alexa's Interior Design Work
QC Student Ambassador Alexa

Alexa Jorgenson

Currently taking Interior Decorating and Staging for Designers.

From a young age, I knew that I wanted to become a professional designer. I have always loved visiting model homes and taking in the beautiful interiors. I’ve always had a passion for design, both in fashion and home design. Moreover, being a professional designer allows me to work with a variety of clients, enjoy different projects, and learn new trends as I go along. I enjoy the variety in the work, along with the new learning opportunities. Choosing to become a professional designer is allowing me to do a career I truly love!

QC Design school is unique because it offers a myriad of different classes – completely online! Students can access their classes from anywhere, at any time. The content is truly rich, too. QC provides a variety of course textbooks, videos, assignment scenarios, templates, and design materials. With these materials, students will gain a well-rounded education. Moreover, QC’s tutors give excellent feedback, while encouraging students to stay true to their own unique design style.

QC Design School has already taught me an abundance of new information about the world of home design. I have learned so much about color, different design styles, the history of design, materials, textiles, wall and window treatments, lighting, and accessorizing. QC Design School has also helped me begin networking in the design field!

Melissa's Interior Design Work
Melissa's Interior Design Work
QC Ambassador Melissa

Melissa Ujcic

Currently taking Interior Decorating and Color Consulting

Decorating has always been a passion of mine. Seeing before and after pictures of a beautifully decorated room brings me so much joy! I wanted to spread that joy to future clients and help to create gorgeous spaces for them.

QC Design School has unique class offerings that can be adjusted to anybody’s personal schedule. Being a mom of two can be challenging enough without adding on additional responsibilities, such as school. But QC allows students to work at their own pace! The QC team is always there to answer any questions that may come up along the way. Additionally, the uniqueness of the tutor’s feedback adds a personal touch to an already amazing learning experience. The tutors’ industry experience and passion for the programs ensures that each student will be successful. Honestly, I cannot say enough great things about QC. My experience has been amazing so far!

I intend to complete my QC certification courses. During that time, I want to also find an internship program to help guide me toward my future career goals. Within the next year, I plan on staging and organizing homes. If I look ahead two years, I also intend to complete QC’s Professional Organizing and Fung Shui courses. These courses will allow me to be educated in all aspects of design and make me a more versatile professional for future clients. My overall vision is to start a company where I can work with a team of designers who are just as passionate and driven for design as I am!

Home Design Background
Maria's Interior Design Work
QC Ambassador Maria

Maria Papailiadis

Currently taking Interior Decorating, Staging for Designers, and Virtual Design

I have always enjoyed decorating my own home and “making things pretty” for family and friends. Once COVID-19 hit, I wanted to start a new career in a field that I was passionate about. After spending months in quarantine and making changes to my own home, I was inspired to take my previous experience in event staging, and expand it to interior decorating and home staging.

My first step was to research all of the online schools available to me. I knew I wanted a school that was based in Canada, but had international potential. What stood out about QC Design School was the vast offering of design courses – including specializations that I hadn’t heard of before! The sample course pages on the website gave me a good idea of what I could expect as a student. The pricing fit my budget, and I was able to take advantage of a promotion that offered me a second course at 50% off. This deal allowed me to secure an education in all of the courses I was interested in, at a fair price!

For my new business, I intend to combine my graphic design skills with the new skills I am learning in my QC courses. The idea for Simple + Styled is to have a one-stop Design Concierge Service for both homeowners and real estate agents. I’ll offer full interior decorating services, as well as smaller packages for homeowners that just need a bit of help picking a perfect piece or color palette. On the real estate side, I plan to offer onsite and virtual staging. I’d also like to design flyers, postcards, and marketing materials for each home.


QC Student Ambassador Portfolio Work
QC Student Ambassador Portfolio Work
Daniella De Luca, QC Student Ambassador

Daniella De Luca

Currently taking Interior Decorating, Color Consulting, and Staging for Designers Course.

I’ve always been interested in design but originally chose a different career to pursue. However, I always found myself coming back to design – whether it was the TV shows I watched, the books I read, or the projects I took on in my own home. It was during my first maternity leave that I finally decided to take the plunge and put an educational background behind my love for design. Once I had professional training, it gave me the confidence to go forward with starting my business.

Having a school that’s able to provide you with flexible, self-paced learning was so important to me. I had just started a family and was working full time, so I wasn’t sure how much time or money I could dedicate to my schooling at first. For this reason, I also appreciated QC’s affordable payment plan. QC Design School made it possible for me to succeed because I was able to fit my courses into both my schedule and my budget. Additionally, having so many different course options allows students the choice of exploring various aspects of design, or focus on just one.

As a current student (and also a graduate) of QC Design School, I believe that the structure of the courses, their content, and the quality of my tutors’ feedback have all contributed to where I am today in my business. I’ve been able to look at design in a unique and non-conventional way. I can apply my skills as a calligrapher in combination with my design training in order to create a successful, multifaceted business. Having so many different course options has allowed me to really expand my knowledge and build my portfolio within ALL aspects of design. This is beneficial to current and potential clients, as I am able to offer them a complete range of services as well!


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