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Bradley S

QC Design School Graduate

I chose to become a professional organizer and interior decorator because these areas of design have always been a huge passion… Read more

Alexa Jorgensen

QC Design School Graduate

From a young age, I knew that I wanted to become a professional designer. I have always loved visiting model homes… Read more

Daniella De Luca

QC Design School Graduate

I’ve always been interested in design but originally chose a different career to pursue. However, I always found… Read more

Lindsay McMurray

QC Design School Graduate

I didn’t decide to become a designer right away. Design was something I was always good at, but I never thought I could acquire… Read more

Jamie Cromar

QC Design School Graduate

I have always daydreamed about how a room can transform and evolve. I love how a space can affect how you feel… Read more

Maria Fernanda

QC Design School Graduate

My passion for design began at a very early age when I decided to study Architecture. It was then I realized I wanted to work… Read more

Caryl Lo, Design Ambassador

QC Design School Graduate

I always loved making our home beautiful and relaxing. I’d rearrange it whenever I wanted, to change the look and… Read more

Melissa Ujcic

QC Design School Graduate

Decorating has always been a passion of mine. Seeing before and after pictures of a beautifully decorated room brings… Read more

Caitlin Tinius

QC Design School Graduate

I’ve had a passion for arranging and decorating spaces ever since I was a child. I love that design is subjective, and no… Read more

Maria P, QC Design Ambassador

QC Design School Graduate

I have always enjoyed decorating my own home and “making things pretty” for family and friends. Once COVID-19… Read more

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