Student Ambassador

I’ve always been interested in design but originally chose a different career to pursue. However, I always found myself coming back to design – whether it was the TV shows I watched, the books I read, or the projects I took on in my own home. It was during my first maternity leave that I finally decided to take the plunge and put an educational background behind my love for design. Once I had professional training, it gave me the confidence to go forward with starting my business.

Having a school that’s able to provide you with flexible, self-paced learning was so important to me. I had just started a family and was working full time, so I wasn’t sure how much time or money I could dedicate to my schooling at first. For this reason, I also appreciated QC’s affordable payment plan. QC Design School made it possible for me to succeed because I was able to fit my courses into both my schedule and my budget. Additionally, having so many different course options allows students the choice of exploring various aspects of design, or focus on just one.

As a current student (and also a graduate) of QC Design School, I believe that the structure of the courses, their content, and the quality of my tutors’ feedback have all contributed to where I am today in my business. I’ve been able to look at design in a unique and non-conventional way. I can apply my skills as a calligrapher in combination with my design training in order to create a successful, multifaceted business. Having so many different course options has allowed me to really expand my knowledge and build my portfolio within ALL aspects of design. This is beneficial to current and potential clients, as I am able to offer them a complete range of services as well!


Here are the courses Daniella’s taken with QC

IDDP Certification Badge



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ISRP Certification Badge

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