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Graduate Success Stories

QC allowed Daniella to pivot her career and launch THREE successful design businesses!

Daniella De Luca

Founder of Maximize Design & Co-Founder of The Friendly Market

Even with a demanding schedule, Alexa was able to get her professional design certifications!

Alexa Jorgenson

Design Associate at LazyBoy Furniture Galleries
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QC helped give Trish the confidence she needed to launch her own business!

Trish Espinosa

Interior Decorator and Founder of Willowhaus Interiors

“I liked how you could work at your own pace. It has given me a solid foundation to build my organizing business. I am looking forward to completing the Feng Shui course, and then more. I am so glad that QC offers courses in all the different design areas. It is hard to find that outside of a traditional 4-year degree. Thank you!”

Terri OuelletteAdvanced International Organizing Professional, AIOP

"I highly recommend starting your journey with QC!"

“I achieved my certificate in Interior Decor almost 8 years ago. I was very motivated and the units were exciting to complete. I received wonderful feedback from the school after my final project. I now work as a project manager for a luxury home builder. I build and design million dollar homes. I acquired a solid base of knowledge from my courses at QC Design School. The school is organized and structured, I highly recommend starting your journey with QC Design School!”

Yolanda Assad

International Design & Decorating Professional, IDDP

“I have gained so much with the courses at QC Design School. It’s helped me gain confidence and knowledge as an interior designer and looking forward to more certificates ahead. The staff and teachers have been great and they have been so helpful through the courses I’ve enrolled in. Thanks, QC.”

Lorraine PutzInternational Design & Decorating Professional, IDDP

"I am so impressed by how well-organized the content is"

“I haven’t delved too deep into my course, Feng Shui Consulting yet; though I have just perused the manuals and I am so impressed by how well-organized the content is and formatted in such an inviting way. I already have the utmost confidence that I will enjoy this course by these impeccable materials.”

Melody Oshiro

QC Design School Student

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More From Our Successful Students

Galina SergeyevaGala Interiors

Thanks to the ISRP course, I have learned how to create beautiful, well organized, and decorated spaces, working with any budget.

Tracy BlackSoulstyle Interior Decorating & Home Staging

It's good, sound training with practical and very applicable lessons...QC definitely provides the basis for developing yourself and your skills.

Renee GignacDecor Innovation Designs

I still use my course books today and refer back to them if there's something I'm not sure of. Because I took the home staging course it has made me a better designer and business owner.

Cristina SalernoElla Staging & Design, Inc

The QC Design course was great! Upon receiving my certification, I truly felt I had the knowledge, tools, and confidence to be a success in this industry.

Wendy GoodmanIDDP, ICCP

Really enjoyed my interior decorating program! I liked how there was variation with assignments, including assignments where you got to show your creativity.

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You can find more student reviews on QC Design School’s Facebook page!


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