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Having a pleasant outdoor space can make any house feel like a home. Homeowners spend millions of dollars every year creating ideal outdoor spaces for their needs, from front gardens to stone walkways to outdoor living areas and more. As a professional landscape designer, it’s your job to create beautiful outdoor design concepts to meet your client’s needs.

Landscape design is an incredibly fast-growing industry. Designers are having to constantly turn down clients and projects due to packed schedules. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to enter a booming market!

There’s a lot to learn in order to be a successful landscape designer. Not only do you have to understand design concepts like scaling and color theory, but you also need a thorough understanding of different plant species to be able to design living, breathing landscapes that will thrive in different climates.  Your landscape design certification will get you there.

Graduate within a few months and learn how to start your own landscape design business, or work for an established company. If you love the outdoors and have a knack for design, this is the ideal career for you!

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QC’s Student Support Team and your dedicated Teaching Assistants are here to help you succeed. You’ll also be paired with a working design professional, who will be your tutor throughout the course. This industry expert will provide you with personalized feedback on every assignment.

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Catapult your career with access to real-world templates, self-study assignments, and bonus materials. Utilize these resources to develop your marketing and customer service skills.

  • Comprehensive online and printed learning materials.
  • Five units containing quizzes and hands-on exercises that will develop your professional landscaping skills.
  • A series of instructional videos that teach you how to create professional scaled drawings illustrating your vision.
  • An easy-to-follow course guide that tells you when to read lesson texts, watch videos and complete assignments.
  • A business training unit designed for landscape designers. Learn how to register your business, advertise, and manage projects and accounts.
  • Customizable business forms and templates to start your own landscaping business.
  • Please refer to our list of recommended supplies needed to complete hands-on assignments and build your professional kit.
Your Landscape Design Certification

Upon completion of QC’s Landscape Design Course, you’ll graduate with the unique International Landscape Design Professional (ILDP) certification. This certificate of completion demonstrates that you possess the training needed to provide top-quality service to your clients!

Course Outline

Select the buttons below to learn about each Unit in the online Landscape Design Course.

Stone hardscape surrounding garden bed

Unit A

Learn about the landscape design industry and the role of a professional landscape designer, from the initial consultation and site visit to the final landscape design drawing. Learn about the types of sites and projects you might work on throughout your career and the reasons your clients will hire you. You’ll discover how you can increase the perceived value of your clients’ homes and properties by improving curb appeal. Finally, learn how to gather essential information during a client consultation and site visit.

Placing garden bedding around plants with gloves

Unit B

In this unit, you’ll discover key factors in developing a functional landscape design. You’ll learn about spatial planning and the “outdoor room concept.” Explore the ways you can use these concepts to organize a site into distinct areas that meet your clients’ functional needs. You’ll also learn about planning the hardscape and softscape of a landscape site. The hardscape consists of all the non-living elements of a site, including decks, fire pits and gazebos. The softscape refers to the garden plants, trees, shrubs and all other plants on a site.

Gazebo in botanical garden with pathway

Unit C

Learn about how plants live, grow and die to design healthy softscapes. You’ll read about plant classifications, physiology and growing conditions and learn how these factors will affect your landscape designs. Discover popular garden styles through the ages and how to design modern gardens that exceed your clients’ expectations. You’ll learn important factors of sustainable and environmentally friendly landscape design.

Woman digitally sketching backyard landscape design

Unit D

Explore the principles and elements of design and discover how to apply these foundational aspects of design to a landscape site. You’ll also discover the many different types of landscape diagrams and drawings you’ll develop throughout the design process. Learn how to develop high-quality, professional drawings that you’re proud to present to your clients.

Business partners discussing softscapes

Unit E

Learn important steps involved in business start-up. Explore the world of marketing and promotion, including how to build your brand and market your business online. Learn to communicate with clients and discover practical techniques to help you sell your services. You’ll also cover special topics such as working with vendors and contractors and developing a professional portfolio of your work.

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QC’s Money-Back Guarantee

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