Home staging professionals are highly sought after by clients to create homes that attract buyers and sell for the best price possible. House staging involves an assessment of the client’s home and a careful process of depersonalizing, redesigning, and improving curb appeal. Through this process, home stagers create a sense of possibility for potential buyers. QC Design School’s online Home Staging Course is a unique double-certification class that covers interior redesign and home staging, both of which are highly valuable skills which will increase your income potential as a home stager.

Redesign is a vital aspect of the home staging process, as it optimizes your client’s space through the strategic organization of existing furniture and home accessories. QC’s online Home Staging class provides you with comprehensive redesign training which will allow you to enhance your client’s home using existing items in the space.

Learn how to de-clutter and create excellent first impressions through curb appeal. You’ll select the right lighting and window treatments in order to improve your client’s home. Through hands-on design exercises, QC’s Home Staging training equips you with professional skills that you’ll use to deliver amazing results to potential buyers. Your online home staging assignments include a floorplan evaluation in which you’ll decide which furnishings need to be removed or rearranged, as well as a business unit where you create your own company name and business logo.

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Here’s What You’ll Get
QC’s Home Staging Course Includes:
  • 15 full-color home staging and redesign lesson books, as well as a complete business series.
  • Practical, hands-on exercises designed to develop your professional home staging skills.
  • A series of instructional home design videos featuring interviews with clients, industry insiders, and vendors.
  • Customizable consultation report templates for vacant and occupied homes which you’ll fill out as you tour properties.
  • Comprehensive business training, including how to set up and register your home staging business, negotiate with vendors, advertise, and manage client accounts.
  • Five units which include easy-to-follow course guides to take you through the program step-by-step. You’ll know when to read your course texts, watch videos, and complete your home staging assignments.
  • A professional starter kit which includes a set of watercolor paints, furniture template, scale ruler, colored pencils, paint brush, plastic palette, and more!
Your Home Staging Certification

Upon completion of QC’s online Home Staging course, you’ll graduate with the unique International Staging and Redesign Professional (ISRP) double certification.

This certificate of completion demonstrates that you possess the home staging training needed to help clients attract buyers and sell their homes at the best price possible.


Select the buttons below to learn about each Unit in your online Home Staging course.

Unit A

In the first unit of your home staging class, learn about the dynamic world of home staging and the important role of the stager in selling homes. Study the art of decluttering, how to organize each room, and how to determine focal points within each home. Become familiar with various room styles, as well as color psychology and the color wheel. Become your own boss with the first business unit that focuses on starting your home staging business.

Unit Overview

Unit B

Learn how to depersonalize homes by removing sentiment and personal tastes, plus how to sensitively tell clients which items need to be removed in the home staging process. Explore various types of floorplans such as elevation and isometric, and learn how to organize a moving sale of your client’s belongings. Learn marketing tools that will help you find clients with your online home staging certification. You’ll also find out how to promote your interior decorating business.

Unit Overview

Unit C

QC Design School’s Home Staging Course will teach you the various elements of curb appeal, such as landscaping, outdoor lighting, and gardening. Study space planning and learn how to properly decipher a room’s balance and weight. Explore different types of window treatments and learn how to choose a style that complements the view and room as a whole. In the second business unit of your online home staging course, study common selling techniques and interpersonal skills. This knowledge helps you secure new home staging clients, and teaches you how to use professional business templates.

Unit Overview

Unit D

Learn how the right lighting can create a dramatic impact within a room by studying fixtures, bulbs, and functions. Delve into the art of accessorizing and learn to create groupings when staging homes. You’ll find out the right way to display books and plants using shelves and cabinets. Master the balance, scale and height of proper furniture placement, and know how to choose fabrics that fit the room’s mood and style. The skills and knowledge gained from QC’s Home Staging Course will be highly valuable to real estate agents – learn how the real estate industry works in your fourth business unit!

Unit Overview

Unit E

In the final unit of your online Home Staging class, you’ll put your knowledge and home design skills to use by professionally staging a home!

Unit Overview

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