Student Ambassador

From a young age, I knew that I wanted to become a professional designer. I have always loved visiting model homes and taking in the beautiful interiors. I’ve always had a passion for design, both in fashion and home design. Moreover, being a professional designer allows me to work with a variety of clients, enjoy different projects, and learn new trends as I go along. I enjoy the variety in the work, along with the new learning opportunities. Choosing to become a professional designer is allowing me to do a career I truly love!

QC Design school is unique because it offers a myriad of different classes – completely online! Students can access their classes from anywhere, at any time. The content is truly rich, too. QC provides a variety of course textbooks, videos, assignment scenarios, templates, and design materials. With these materials, students will gain a well-rounded education. Moreover, QC’s tutors give excellent feedback, while encouraging students to stay true to their own unique design style.

QC Design School has already taught me an abundance of new information about the world of home design. I have learned so much about color, different design styles, the history of design, materials, textiles, wall and window treatments, lighting, and accessorizing. QC Design School has also helped me begin networking in the design field!


Here are the courses Alexa’s taken with QC

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