Student Ambassador

Decorating has always been a passion of mine. Seeing before and after pictures of a beautifully decorated room brings me so much joy! I wanted to spread that joy to future clients and help to create gorgeous spaces for them.

QC Design School has unique class offerings that can be adjusted to anybody’s personal schedule. Being a mom of two can be challenging enough without adding on additional responsibilities, such as school. But QC allows students to work at their own pace! The QC team is always there to answer any questions that may come up along the way. Additionally, the uniqueness of the tutor’s feedback adds a personal touch to an already amazing learning experience. The tutors’ industry experience and passion for the programs ensures that each student will be successful. Honestly, I cannot say enough great things about QC. My experience has been amazing so far!

I intend to complete my QC certification courses. During that time, I want to also find an internship program to help guide me toward my future career goals. Within the next year, I plan on staging and organizing homes. If I look ahead two years, I also intend to complete QC’s Professional Organizing and Fung Shui courses. These courses will allow me to be educated in all aspects of design and make me a more versatile professional for future clients. My overall vision is to start a company where I can work with a team of designers who are just as passionate and driven for design as I am!


Here are the courses Melissa’s taken with QC

IDDP Certification Badge



ICCP Certification Badge