Student Ambassador

My passion for design began at a very early age when I decided to study Architecture. It was then I realized I wanted to work in professional home design. I have been able to design residence, hospitality, and well-being projects. I’ve always been keen on home decoration, and my spiritual side lead me to study the fascinating art of Feng Shui. Along with this, I believe that QC’s Professional Organizing Course is a perfect complement to my other qualifications, as these skills allow me to create unique spaces where people can reflect their essence.

QC Design School is a very complete school. When I enrolled, I was not expecting all of the materials and tools I was provided, which I found very useful and professional. I also enjoy the feedback from my tutors! It’s allowed me to see where I have to improve, as well as where I’m more skillful.

More than anything, QC Design School helped me to start dreaming about launching my own business. Having the necessary tools and resources that QC gave me was the started point to create my own entrepreneurship. I’m very grateful for that!


Here are the courses Maria’s taking with QC

AFDP Certification Badge

Feng Shui


AIOP Certification Badge