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Trends in home decor can be difficult to manage. Chances are, your clients don’t have the budget (or the patience!) to be redecorating their living spaces on a yearly basis, making it essential to distinguish between innovative new styles and fads that will disappear in a year or two. The appeal of the new is strong, but is it always the right call? Here are our tips for this year’s hottest trends to follow—and those to steer clear of.

IN: Low-Tech Living Rooms

Opting to avoid having a TV or gaming system as a focal piece in your living room isn’t just an aesthetic choice—many families are looking for a tech-free space to let them up the quality of their time together.

For clients who want to unplug, fireplaces are regaining popularity as central home accents; arranging living room furniture to highlight a fireplace (functional or not) is a good way to redirect the attention usually dedicated to a TV.

Low tech living room trendy

OUT: Boring Bathrooms

Bathrooms have a tendency to get bogged down with clutter: toothbrushes, hair dryers, beauty products, and damp towels can overwhelm a room that many don’t consider a genuine living space to begin with.

2016 shows signs of turning this trend around and bringing bathrooms up to speed with the rest of the house in a big way. Cozy armchairs and places for displaying luxurious accents like candles or fresh flowers help to make your client’s bathroom as stylish as the rest of their home.

IN: Funky Mirrors

Sure, mirrors are useful, but 2016 is going to see a downturn in mirrors picked just for their functionality. A simple statement mirror can add an incredible dose of style to places like bathrooms that are often overlooked (no more boring bathrooms, remember?) while still getting the job done.

Beyond the bathroom, clusters of small, ornately framed mirrors or large wall mirrors can act as art pieces as well as create stunning optical illusions.

OUT: Silver Stainless Steel

Funky mirror 2016 home decor trend

Silver stainless steel has dominated the home decor world for years now, especially in the kitchen. Gleaming silver appliances and countertops might give kitchens that polished look, but the resemblance to commercial kitchen equipment can also make them feel a little impersonal. Instead, look out for sleek black stainless steel replacing the standard silver.

IN: Sustainability

Sustainable decor goes beyond a few wooden accents. Expect to see more and more clients looking for furniture and accessories that involve recycling, repurposing, and reusing materials, even if it’s not always visible.

There’s also a growing trend for decor that supports local artisans and small companies—check out your options for local designers to find unique pieces that also support your community. And don’t be afraid to mix a few special artisanal goods with mass-produced staples.

OUT: Furniture Sets

Avoid the lure of furniture sets matched in a single color, pattern, form, or style in spaces like living rooms. Instead, create variety by pairing pieces that complement and offset each other. That’s not to say you should toss your vintage matched furniture set altogether—choosing a single piece from it can lend a great accent to a living room, or even a bathroom.

Trendy living room with home furnishings

IN: Metallics

They’ve dominated our other style worlds for so long, it’s about time we brought them right into our homes. To keep from getting tacky or overwhelming, make sure you’re using metallics as accents and accessories—which is easy, because there aren’t too many items of decor that don’t look good in silver, gold, or bronze. Or all three; don’t be afraid to mix and match your metals this year. As long as they’ve got that metallic sheen, you’re good to go!

OUT: Industrial Chic

Exposed pipes and bare-brick walls might set the ambiance for your favorite coffee joint, but that’s where they should stay. No one wants to feel like they live in a warehouse. Instead, look for decor in curvy, organic shapes, plus the return of the tapestry as wall art, for a softer, less harsh vibe.

home furnishings with Exposed brick wall for home decoration in kitchen


Are any of these trends really here to stay? Would you suggest any of these for a client? Let us know what you think!

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  • Kenichi Mitchell says:

    I definitely agree with the “OUT: Industrial chic”. I never liked exposed brick in any part of a house, not even on HGTV and I considered HGTV to be one of the bible’s of home anything.

  • Jenna Hunter says:

    I like your idea of using funky mirrors as cool accents or even as art pieces. They can also add a statement to a bathroom that might otherwise be a boring room. My husband and I just moved into a new house and are looking for unique ways to decorate and have some fun accents in each room. Your tips on which things are trending this year are great!

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