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New QC Course Alert: Landscape Design

Are you ready for some SERIOUSLY exciting news?

In the next few weeks, QC Design School will be launching a brand-new online certification course: Landscape Design!

In as little as 3-6 months, you can take your design business to the next level by extending your services outside of your clients’ homes. Plus, once you graduate, you’ll have an official International Landscape Design Professional (ILDP) designation and certification to add to your already-impressive resume!

Want a sneak peek of the sort of lessons you’ll learn in this upcoming program?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

QC’s Landscape Design Course Sample: “The Final Design”

Join Landscape Instructor, Chris Tuccio, as he explains what makes the final design so important. Find out how a landscape designer incorporates different elements of the hardscape and softscape in order to create stunning curb appeal that ANY client would be proud of!

Watch The Full Video Here:

Let’s Recap!

In the above video, Chris walks us through a final landscape design, as well as its most notable and strongest attributes. He then analyzes a photo of a home’s front exterior; going into careful detail about all of the elements that work and why they’re successful.

Through this, you can then discover how to implement very similar strategies in your own landscape designs!

Why NOW is the Time to Become a Landscape Designer!

Simply put, this career path is in extremely high demand right now! In fact, many landscape designers are currently booked solid for the foreseeable future. As a result, prospective clients are finding it tricky to find one that can take on their home project(s).

So, what does this mean for YOU? It means that you can be the landscape design professional they’re looking for – and desperately need! With the right education and qualifications under your belt, you can start booking clients ASAP… and quickly fill up your calendar before you even know it!

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Join QC Design School’s Waiting List Today!

QC’s Landscape Design Course is already being met with a wild amount of popularity! So, we want to make sure that you know EXACTLY when it’s launched and available to you. This way, you can enroll and start your training immediately!

How can you join our waiting list?

Simply contact our Student Support Team at [email protected] and we’ll add you to the list! You’ll not only be the first to get notified once the Landscape Design Course officially launches… We’ll also knock $100 OFF your tuition when the time comes for you to enroll!

Want to see all of the other self-paced, online certification courses QC Design School currently offers? Here’s the full list!

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  • Daniella De Luca says:

    I’m so excited for this course!!! Looking forward to adding it to my qualifications!!

    • Sloane Seguin says:

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Daniella! 😀 We’re just as excited and can’t wait to launch this Landscape Design Course! Have you added yourself to our Wait List yet? <3

      All the best,
      The QC Team

  • Bradley Schlagheck says:

    Exciting news! Great addition to QC’s amazing courses!

  • Fernanda Baletha Petizme says:

    I think it is really interesting study and very aggregating to what I have already learned at QC School. I am very interested in the subject. The instructor made very consistent analysis with very solid knowledge. Really enjoyed.

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