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As we round the corner into a new year, you may be thinking about finally starting your professional career or even making a total career change. You’re ready for something new, and you’re ready for something fun!

Perhaps becoming an interior decorator is the answer!

But starting a new journey can be scary. What if you’re not cut out for the job? What if you hate it? To make sure you head down the path that is best for you, see if any of these top signs of whether you’re destined to become an interior decorator apply to you!

You’re obsessed with home decor

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Do you obsess over the beautiful decorating blogs online? Are you subscribed to all the best home decor magazines? Do you lose track of time scrolling through Instagram and pinning your favorite room designs on Pinterest? Maybe the universe is trying to tell you something!

Interior decorators must have a passion for home decor and what it stands for. It can make a room beautiful, but it can also say a lot about the person who owns the space. If the idea of capturing people’s personalities and styles in your designs intrigues you, you’re one step closer to realizing your dream!

You’re a trendsetter

Are you always updating your accessories or rearranging your furniture to reflect the latest design trends? Do your friends and family always look to your own home for new ideas in home decor? Perhaps you’re destined to be an interior decorator!

Interior decorators are constantly asked by clients to design something unique that will make their home stand out, so being able to come up with new ideas and deliver what your clients want is essential. Knowing the hottest trends, but also being able to set new ones, is a must for successful interior decorators!

You’re a people person

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Interior decorators interact with people every day, either in person, on the phone, or online, and clients want someone who is outgoing, can make them feel comfortable, and is excited about working with them. If you tend to be more reserved when meeting new people, then you’ll want to break out of that comfort zone before making any drastic decisions about your career.

Being able to work well with others, and actually enjoying it, is vital for an interior decorator’s career. If you bring energy, enthusiasm, and genuine friendliness to every project you work on, you’ll make a great interior decorator!

You’re driven to succeed

If you’re thinking about becoming an interior decorator and running your own business, working hard and wanting to do well should be of no stranger to you. You’ll be responsible for your own success, so you’ll need to be determined about your business duties and marketing strategies, like upkeeping a professional website, blogging, running your social media pages, etc. Self-discipline, driven by the will to succeed, is required!

You have a love for learning

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The decorating industry is constantly evolving, so being able to adapt and grow alongside it is essential to your career. Being open to learning new techniques and trends will keep your clients coming back and continue to open doors for you. Interior decorators who aren’t willing to invest in their education won’t be given the same opportunities that adaptable, well-rounded decorators are.

You can take constructive criticism

Do you enjoy getting feedback on your work from your peers? Being able to take constructive criticism, and even encouraging it, is crucial. Learning from your mistakes is essential to your growth and refusing to acknowledge that your work might not always be perfect does not a successful decorator make!

Clients might not always love the design proposal you come up with and might have some concerns and suggestions. Maybe that blue color scheme you picked out will make the room a little too dark or they’re not loving those patterned throw pillows you chose? Being open to feedback and ready to make adjustments to satisfy your client will help you to go far as an interior decorator.

You’re a natural born leader

stylish artistic modern interior decorating styleDid you always take the lead on group projects in school? Do you like to give direction but also know how to listen to others’ ideas?

Successful interior decorators have the ability to read situations well, knowing when to take the lead and when to step back. You’ll encounter many different kinds of clients as a decorator, each with their own individual needs. Some clients may give hardly any direction for the design style they’re looking for, while others will be very particular. Being able to take control of the situation and making the big decisions, but also knowing when to let someone else take the reins, are excellent skills for an interior decorator to have!

So what do you say? Is a career in interior decorating for you? If you’re ready to take the next step, QC Design School can help! We’ll work with you to take your love of home decor to the next level with our Interior Decorating online course.

Not sure you’re ready to take the leap to become an interior decorator? Find out what clients look for in a professional decorator!

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  • MILA says:

    Ive had a dream years ago to be an Interior designer, but I would have had to go to Toronto, leaving my two young kids at the time, so I stayed on my job as a Nursing Asst.

    Now i found this site, I’m going to start a new course this winter- ON LINE.

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