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For clients who love to host, building a comfortable guest room is a must. An amazing guest experience starts with the guest room. With your help, the perfect guest room will be even better than a hotel. Personalized touches and a cozy configuration will make guests feel at home and truly welcomed by your clients.

So take a peek at these tips to transform a blah space into a relaxing home-away-from home. Your clients may just have a hard time convincing guests to leave!

Everyday necessities

Think about your last trip. How many things did you forget? No matter how thorough the packing list, a few crucial items always seem to be missing. Set guests at ease by making sure the guest room is stocked with the essentials. First, there are the amenities that hotels will provide: soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Wrap these up with a bundle of fluffy towels and guests will love you.

Guest Bedroom Creature Comforts

But your clients will be the perfect hosts if they provide those other essentials, like an extra roll of toilet paper so your guests don’t have to hunt it down. Or a cellphone charger. These days even non-workaholics want to be able to text, Skype, Facetime, and check their social media on the go. An extra charger can be a life-saving gesture for the guest who packed in a hurry!

Creature comforts

Find out what some of your client’s favorite things are and find ways to incorporate them into the guest room. Do they love a certain novelist? Stack some literary favorites next to the bedside table. Are they fond of a certain sweet? Use a cute serving tray to create a “welcome station” for visitors. These kinds of goodies will really make guests feel relaxed and at home:

  • a decadent bar of dark chocolate
  • a water carafe or water bottle
  • a mug with tea sachets
  • a soft robe and slippers
  • local guidebooks or maps
  • Wifi passwords

If your clients have a stylish side table, set up a small percolator or French press. A coffee station is perfect for guests who like to enjoy their first cup of the morning in private.

Comfortable bedding

A comfy guest room all comes down to bedding. So ask your clients to splurge on new sheets. A set with high-quality fiber and a thread count of at least 300 will have your clients drifting away as soon as they jump into bed. A fluffy duvet and different pillow types (firm or soft) will please a range of different sleepers. A cozy throw will also give guests something else to wrap up in.

Guest Bedroom Linen

Bed size and mattress type are also something to keep in mind. Two twin beds might be best if your clients often entertain families.

Fresh flowers!

Is there any space that fresh flowers don’t look great in? A vase filled with some blooms will add a vibrant touch and make your guests smile. A potted plant is another great option for clients who don’t want the hassle of having to bring in fresh stems. Do your clients really lack a green thumb? A cute potted cactus or succulent plant will still brighten up the space. Just make sure your client waters them at least once a week!

Light some candles and lightly spritz some relaxing lavender into the room (skip this step if your clients are sensitive to scent). Guests will be transported into bliss.

Inviting configuration

A clutter-free space is yet another secret to creating the perfect guest room. Have your clients purge before you starting decorating. But if they can’t seem to find another space for winter clothes, at least make sure guests have some closet space. If dressers are full, keep surfaces clear for guests to put things, like jewelry, watches, and wallets.

Guest Bedroom Boutique Hotel

Theme and décor will depend on what your clients like. Do they want to play with new look, or do they want their guest bedroom to be consistent with the rest of the house? A bold hue may just be the ‘pop’ of color that will wow guests.

Whatever paint color they choose, you can’t go wrong with a cozy rug, tidy desk, and well-appointed bed side table. Have your clients give their guest room a quick test-run. Is the lamp within reach once guests are settled in bed? Does light stream into the room in the morning? So try it out and reconfigure the space appropriately. Include these extra items to keep guests happy and the guest room organized:

  • Luggage stand
  • Extra hangers
  • Vanity mirror
  • Alarm clock
  • Reading lamp
  • Blackout curtains
  • Comfy love seat

Boutique hotels are ultra-trendy right now. So your clients can pick a theme and really run with it. You can accessorize according to whatever vision you are trying to create. Don’t forget to individualize the space with a stylish name, something like The Marigold Room. Hang a chalkboard on the door to stay on theme!

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