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Declutter Your Kitchen: 7 Tips From Professional Organizer Classes

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The kitchen: not only is it where we nourish ourselves, it’s also an area in the home where clutter can accumulate the most. Professional organizers know that having a stressful living space is no way to exist – so how can you foolproof your kitchen from clutter?

Learn from the experts, of course.

Read on for the top 7 tips to keep your kitchen organized, straight from a professional organizer class!

Decluttering kitchen with professional organizer techniques

Know What You Have

The easiest way for you to start decluttering your kitchen is by knowing exactly what you have. Creating an inventory will help you sort items into categories, like cookware, baking tools, utensils, and cookbooks. Take your time with your inventory – this will be your guide to organizing every cupboard!

Once you have a complete list of kitchenware, you’ll be able to decide what you need and what you can do without. Chances are, if you haven’t used it in the last year then you probably don’t need it! Offer your unused appliances to friends and family (they might be searching for the perfect egg timer!).

Plus, having an inventory is great for insurance. If you’re the type of person who likes having high-quality kitchen products, be sure to keep your inventory for reference.

Sort into Categories

Now that you have an inventory, you can sort out your belongings. Doing this on paper first is a lot easier than tearing apart your whole kitchen! Plan out where each category would work best in the space. For example, mugs can be stored above a coffee maker, while pots and pans can be placed next to the stove.

Decide on a space for each category that will limit the amount of movement in the kitchen. We all know that having too many cooks in the kitchen is stressful – not having to run back and forth while you cook will streamline the process!

Add a Stock Cupboard

Kitchen storage idea for interior design plans

A big no-no for the kitchen is keeping piles of extra food stock in your primary cupboards. Do this and you’re on the express train to Clutterville. It becomes extremely annoying to find the ingredients you need, and can be difficult to move items around with knocking everything over. We’ve all done it – but now it’s time for a change!

Keeping a freestanding cupboard in a corner of the kitchen will ensure your cupboards stay organized. Get out your handy label maker and create sections to keep your stock organized. Refill your kitchen cupboards as you use up each item. You’ll experience a whole new level of freedom!

Ban Paperwork

One thing that almost everyone is guilty of: stacking important mail and take-out menus on the counter. This clutter makes your house look disorganized – why would you have important mail in the same place you cook?

Creating a designated spot or binder for take-out menus and magazine recipes makes your kitchen look so much better. And you’ll be able to find that Chinese takeout place without shuffling through a stack of junk mail!

As for bills and important paperwork – keep it out of the kitchen! Create a safe place where you won’t lose or ruin your mail, like in your home office or in a filing cabinet.

Use Hanging Décor

In the kitchen, there’s usually no extra space for photo frames on the counter. Save space by focusing on adding hanging décor that is out of the way and still visually pleasing!

Hanging photos, custom prints, and other wall décor will liven up your kitchen. Choose food-related décor that will give your kitchen a homey, full feeling.

Feeling inspired? Create your own design and take it to a print shop! There you can choose your size, colors, and frame for a personalized décor piece.

DIY itchen decor for professional interior decorators

Sort by Expiry Date

Now for the behemoth of kitchen cleanliness – the fridge. We can pretty much guarantee that you have a few expired jars and sauces in your kitchen at the very moment. I mean, don’t we all?

However, this makes your fridge look super disorganized (and smells bad!). It’s very annoying to think you have an ingredient, only to find that it expired last June. Keep tabs on what is in your fridge, either by creating a food item inventory or sorting through your fridge once or twice a month.

Add this task to your chore schedule so you don’t forget!

Keep Spaces Clear

Even though counter space is the biggest priority in the kitchen, you also have to take safety into account. Don’t keep pet food or stools on the floor – this is the quickest way to an accident!

Keep your walkways clear in the kitchen to avoid tripping or stepping on something painful. It’s a minor inconvenience that will cause a lot of frustration! Keep items out of the way, in another room if needed. Use a closet for keeping cleaning supplies and stools, so you can still find them easily.

Keeping your kitchen organized will make cooking a fun experience, rather than creating high tensions. It’s a big project that will change the way you live. After all, we spend a lot of our lives in the kitchen!

Inspired to organize more than just the kitchen? Find out if you have what it takes to become a professional organizer!

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