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Interior decorating is all about the client. Just because modern trends favor reclaimed wood pieces doesn’t mean a client who loves Victorian décor will want it in their homes. At the end of the day, it’s all about suiting the style and mood your client wants to achieve. Just because sleek vinyl and chrome bar stools are dated to the 50s doesn’t mean you can make it work in 2018!

You can draw inspiration from so many different decorating styles. But don’t be fooled. We’re only mentioning a handful of decorative styles in this blog. In our , you’ll learn about architectural and decorating styles dating back to the 1100s! All these styles have had a lasting effect on the way we see decorating today.

Without further ado, here are some decorating styles we love!

Designs from the 20th Century

Some of your clients will have décor that is more than a few decades out of date. They may approach you to help them update their homes while still showing off retro pieces they love dearly. A retro pinball machine or jukebox may be worth styling around. However, the beaded curtains popular in the 60s and Memphis prints of the 80s need to go!

Updating styles means playing with what your clients already own. Your creativity kicks in when you re-imagine it in the modern context. Perhaps they love the look of greenery but still have silk flowers from the 90s. Replacing them with real potted plants will make the home livelier. You’ll also have a chance to show off your green home décor skills and explain the positive difference live plants have in the home!

eclectic style coloring

Traditional Style

Organized and elegant, these homes exude sophistication. But just because it’s more formal doesn’t mean it can’t feel comfortable. Influenced by classic European styles, you’ll find plenty of ornate embellishments. Recently built homes won’t usually feature tall columns, arches, and crown moldings. However, you will find these everywhere in older homes. If they need refreshing, just slap on a fresh coat of paint!

Although it seems to be almost too lavish, traditional style homes still feel like a home instead of a museum when balanced with elements of casual style décor. To encourage socializing, design furniture arrangements to encourage conversation. Instead of the mix-and-match furnishings typical in country style, traditional interior decorating favors all-matching furniture sets and high levels of symmetry.

Eclectic Style

The eclectic style is aptly named. Create this style by combining elements from two or more styles! Because it’s about creating unique, individual spaces, you can’t distinctly pinpoint to any specific design characteristic as being eclectic. However, the overall effect of fun, casual, and energetic spaces is its trademark.

The unique spin comes from the contrast the décor creates. Usually, the arrangement depends on personal choice and style. But the eclecticism isn’t just reserved for arranging pre-built pieces. The DIY ethic is welcome in this style of décor! Modern eclectic décor pushes boundaries. An example would be reupholstering traditional style chairs with a modern palm-tree print. Just make sure that you keep design elements such as scale in mind. Otherwise, the rooms can quickly descend into chaos!

country style interior decorating

Casual Style

Comfort is your client’s #1 priority. You want the place to feel cozy while being functional—having 10 blankets in the living room sure is cozy, but it can also make it messy and difficult to navigate! For this style of decorating, the overall look feels pared down and restful even if there are a couple of eclectic pieces.

Neutrals and muted tones make for calming spaces. Just make sure you balance out the deeper forest tones with light beiges to keep the space inviting. You’ll also want to stay away from harsh shiny materials. Warm brass pieces can give a nice, metallic sheen, but make sure it’s not buffed to death! A soft-brushed glow is the essence of casual décor!

Country Style

You get country style décor when you boost the warmth and coziness of casual style décor with charm. Colors often reflect those found in nature. Grassy greens, sky blues, and sunflower yellows provide a bright and comforting atmosphere.

You’ll find wood pieces aplenty. Often unfinished, aged, or repurposed, these pieces all possess rustic characteristics. Despite many wood pieces, it doesn’t feel overwhelming. The space feels multidimensional due to the variety of textures. Most country style décor will be a hodgepodge of different pieces. They are usually mismatched, vintage, or heirlooms that add charm to the space.

contemporary style living room with exposed brick

Contemporary Style

Comfortable but casual and modern, simple yet sophisticated. This may be one of the most popular styles your clients want you to develop—even if they don’t know what it’s called!

Unlike the sometimes-hard lines of minimalism, contemporary style focuses on soft, curving lines and organic shapes. Open layouts and a lack of ornamentation make these homes feel casual and comforting. The architectural features of the home—large windows, exposed brick, and wooden beams become décor pieces of their own. It’s not completely boring, though! Colorful décor accents break up and enliven the neutral palette of the walls, furnishings, and flooring.

Scandinavian Minimalism Style

One of the most popular styles right now stems from Scandinavian simplicity and design. The rise of big-box stores like the Swedish IKEA introduced Scandinavian-style furniture and décor to the public.

The clean, monochromatic aesthetic focuses on functionality over ornamentation. Even the smallest of closed spaces feel roomy when sunlight bounces around the white-painted walls. Without any clutter of elaborate decor, the general mood is relaxed and productive.

Traditional textiles like wool add an element of coziness to the sometimes-uninviting atmosphere of matte surfaces and straight lines. Warming coppers along with bright and bold repeated prints make the space interesting. Just be sure not to overwhelm the space with bold accents—keep it edited!

Did we miss one of your favorite decorating styles? Let us know!

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