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When you graduate from QC Design School’s Interior Decorating Course, you’re ready to start your own business! First, you need to think about the services you’ll offer and your brand identity. Then, of course, you’ll also need a catchy business name.

Your business name will make first impressions on your prospective clients, so choose carefully! People usually make up their minds about a brand in less than 30 seconds. It’s critical that you select a business name that’ll help you stand out from the competition and create a lasting impression on your clients.

You’ll need a name that’s relatable, punchy, and interesting enough to ensure clients reach out to you. When you become an interior designer, the image you present to your clients will impact your levels of success. So, take your time and choose wisely!

Your business’s image, brand, and name will directly affect the success of your business. Now, we know this might sound like a lot of pressure. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! Let’s look at how you can choose a unique business name to suit your services and brand identity.

How to Become an Interior Designer: Developing Your Brand

Decide on your business’s style, brand, and services before you choose your business name. Take time to think about what you want your brand to be. Think about the interior design services you’ll offer and who your target audience is.

You should ask yourself the following questions to help you decide on your brand identity:

  • What types of interior design projects will you work on?
  • Who is your target client? Who are you aiming your business towards?
  • Do you have a niche or specialization to set you apart from competitors?
  • What are your business’s values? For example: will you provide luxury designs, sustainable green designs, or designs for clients on a budget?
  • What is the overall mission of your interior designer business? What are your goals for your design projects?

Always keep your prospective clients at the center of your decisions. For instance, imagine that you create a light pink and white logo for your design business. With this color scheme, think about who you’ll attract. Who do you actually want to attract? Are they the same types of people?

If not, your pink and white logo is not going to bring in the types of clients you want to work for!

Next, think about how you want your clients to see your business. Incorporate emotions, colors, images, and styles into your business’s name and branding. This will help you to target specific clients. Always think about how your business looks from the outside!

You may also find it useful to ask for someone else’s opinion. Show your ideas to a friend before finalizing your choices. Make sure the impression your friend has of your business is actually the impact you’re trying to create.

Making a Short List

When you’re becoming an interior designer, take some time to think about names that suit your brand and services. You can find inspiration from anywhere, so let your creative juices flow! Take your time, look around, and get inspired.

You can use some of the following methods to come up with unique business names:

  • Word games
  • Puns, clichés, and popular phrases
  • Synonyms
  • Words in other languages
  • Names from mythology, books, and popular culture

Write down all of your ideas in a list. Then, edit and revise your list to shorten it down to your final contenders. Rank the names on your shortlist in order, from your favorite to your least favorite. Use this list to identify which names you like.

Think about why you like each name on your shortlist. Why do these names appeal to you? More importantly, will any of these names appeal to your future clients?

Check the availability of each name on your shortlist by researching other companies with similar names. Once you know that your preferred business name is available, you’re ready to finalize your decision!

How to Become an Interior Designer: 5 Rules for Naming Your Business

After you create your shortlist, check which of your preferred names align with the rules for naming your business. Remember to make sure your business name suits your brand and services. The name you choose should also be memorable and fun!

Use the following five rules to guide you when choosing your interior designer business’s name…

1. Be original and relevant.

Make sure your business name is completely unique. You want to be one of a kind! Don’t use similar names to other companies in your area. You don’t want clients to get your business confused with another brand! And you definitely need to avoid copyright infringement from using the same name as another company.

Your business name also needs to reflect your design services and convey what your business offers to your potential clients. Keep it relevant to your industry!

All that to be said, avoid business names which simplify your services too much. For instance, “Interior Design by [Your Name]” is a popular business name style. If you name your business in this way, you may find it difficult to stand out against your competition.

2. Check your spelling and grammar.

Double and triple check your spelling and grammar before finalizing your business name. If your business name contains misspelled words, clients won’t be able to find your website online.

Misspellings and grammatical errors also negatively impact the impression your business makes on prospective clients. You’ll lose business (and money) if people notice mistakes in any of your business content!

3. Keep it simple.

Avoid overcomplicating your business name. Clear and simple names will help clients remember your business for future reference – such as when they’re referring you to their family and friends!

4. Be internet-friendly.

When you check your business name’s availability, make sure you find a suitable domain name for your website. Ideally, you’ll be able to use a website address such as “”

If the “.com” name is unavailable, you may find that “.info” or “.ca” is available instead. You should also create professional social media accounts using your business name, on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

5. Register your business name.

Once you choose your interior designer business name, you’ll need to legally register that name with your local authorities. Make sure you own the business name and have the rights to operate under that name. Submit all the paperwork so no one can take the business name away from you!

interior designer working at desk on laptop

If you’re wondering how to become an interior designer, choosing a strong, memorable business name is an essential step towards success. Make sure you choose a business name that reflects your services and brand identity. Above all, make sure you like it!

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