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It’s that time of year again! With 2022 coming to a close, we wanted to do a bit of a #throwback and see which of QC Design School’s blog articles made this year’s Favorites List. These articles were read and shared by thousands of people, and they offer some terrific insights into the world of home design. So, if you’re looking to learn more about home design, then you need to check out them out!

So, let’s see which articles made the Top 10, shall we?

The Top 10 Blog Articles of QC Design School in 2022

Coming in at #10 on our list, this article delves into the various types of design careers you can pursue (and get certified in, thanks to QC’s self-paced, online courses). Specifically, the nine home design careers we take a look at are:

  1. Interior decorating;
  2. Home staging;
  3. Professional organizing;
  4. Color consulting;
  5. Feng Shui design;
  6. Floral design;
  7. Aging in Place design;
  8. Landscape design;
  9. And virtual services.

When taking a look at each individual profession, we break down:

  • What that field of home design is;
  • Its current industry demand;
  • Typical job duties for a professional in that field;
  • And annual salary expectations based on the country.

If you’ve been considering a career change and want to explore your options in the world of professional design, then this article is a GREAT resource to see what those options are!

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Love interior design, but don’t want to commit to a degree program? This article by QC Design School has got you covered!

Our 9th most popular article of 2022 takes an in-depth look at the various ways someone can become an interior designer without having to invest time and money into a college degree. We take a look at some of the qualifications and certifications you can get – as well as an alternative (but similar) career path with QC’s self-paced, online interior decorating certification training.

Furthermore, this article also takes a look at the duties both of an interior designer and an interior decorator. This way, you know what to expect should you decide to pursue either profession.

Thus, if you’ve been considering a career in interior design but are hesitant due to the degree requirement, then this article will be a very eye-opening read for you!

In 8th place, this informative blog article takes a look at 9 unique business ideas for interior decorators. By tapping into any of the niches on this list, you can create a business that’ll help you:

  • Establish yourself as an expert in your field;
  • Make a name for yourself amongst clients;
  • Strengthen your business brand;
  • Attract a wider clientele;
  • Increase your earnings potential;
  • And SO much more!

On top of that, we also break down the materials, skills, and start-up investments needed to launch an interior decorating business in the first place. So, if you’re an aspiring interior decorator looking to take your skills (and business) up a notch, don’t skip over this must-read!

Ranking in at #7, this QC Design School blog article on the best tools for interior decorators is a definite crowd-pleaser!

Here, QC takes you through 12 essential tools EVERY interior decorator needs to have in their arsenal. The physical and digital resources we take a deeper look at are:

  1. SketchUp;
  2. CAD software;
  3. Paint chips;
  4. Fabric samples;
  5. Measuring tools;
  6. Paint brushes;
  7. Wallpaper samples;
  8. Window treatments;
  9. Area rugs;
  10. Home staging tools;
  11. Business management tools;
  12. And your network.

So, if you want to learn more about each of these must-have tools, then QC’s 7th most popular blog article of 2022 is the one to check out!

Coming in at 6th place, this article is for every professional organizer out there who aspires to launch their very own business! Here, we cover the following topics:

  • How much it costs to start a professional organizing business;
  • The amount of money you can expect to make as a professional organizer;
  • Day-to-day responsibilities in this field of home design;
  • How much to charge for your services;
  • The different types of professional organizing services you can offer clients;
  • The 6 steps for starting a professional organizing business from scratch;
  • And why you should get trained and internationally-certified with QC Design School’s online Professional Organizing Course!

Whether you’re a total newbie just getting started or an experienced professional looking to hone your business skills, this blog post will give you all the answers you’re looking for!

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In 5th place, QC Design School’s blog article on the 28 Best Home Design and Interior Decorating Apps is a must-read for all you tech-savvy interior decorators and home designers out there!

We take a closer look at digital apps like:

  • SketchUp;
  • Autodesk AutoCADĀ®;
  • IKEA Place;
  • Houzz Interior Design & Remodel;
  • Floorplanner;
  • SmartDraw;
  • AirMeasure – AR Tape & Ruler;
  • magicplan;
  • Color911;
  • And SO many more!

Furthermore, we’ll provide the various pricing models for each app – as well as how each one can benefit you! So, get ready to supercharge your interior design workflow with the 28 apps outlined in this awesome list!

In our 4th spot, QC Design School takes you through a typical day in the life of a professional organizer. From the crack of dawn to dinner time (sometimes later!), we’ll chronicle EXACTLY what it looks like from start to finish when working as a pro organizer!

You can expect tips on:

  • What to find in a professional organizer’s tool kit;
  • Organizing client spaces;
  • The typical breakdown of office days;
  • The typical breakdown of project days;
  • What maintenance days are and what they look like;
  • Common job duties when working with companies;
  • The different kinds of forms you’ll need in place for your business;
  • And more!

Thus, if you’ve been playing with the idea of becoming a professional organizer, this QC Design School blog article is the perfect way to get a feel for what this job will truly be like!

Alright, now it’s time to reveal our Top 3 QC Design School blogs of 2022…

Coming in at 3rd place, this article will provide you with all the actionable tips and strategies you need in order to land your first home staging gig… And MANY gigs afterward!

In particular, you’ll learn all about:

  • The 4 most common ways to market yourself as home stager;
  • 5 actions you can take ASAP to grow your home staging business;
  • 11 sure-fire ways to attract and book clients, etc.

So, if being a professional home stager sounds appealing to you, this is one article you DEFINITELY won’t want to skip past!

As a brand-new interior decorator, it can feel a little overwhelming trying to figure out how much you should be charging clients… Especially if you run your own business! That’s why, in 2nd place, this QC Design School blog explores how to charge as an interior decorator.

We cover everything from the basics to more advanced topics such as:

  • How much interior decorators tend to charge per hour;
  • Charging per square foot;
  • Typical costs for mood boards;
  • How much interior decorators mark up furniture;
  • Service rates per room;
  • Additional charges for travel time;
  • Factors that can influence how much you should be charging;
  • 5 possible pricing structures you can adopt for your business;
  • And more!

We guarantee that by the time you’re finished reading this article, you’ll have all the necessary tools to confidently set your interior decorating prices – and start earning what you deserve!

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And finally, drumroll please…

Taking the top spot this year is QC Design School’s Interior Design Color Trends for 2022! This comprehensive article was written at the beginning of the year. In it, we explored the hottest colors that designers, decorators, and homeowners alike predicted that we’d be embracing this past year.

From moody blues and earth tones to pastels and monochromatics – you’ll have a look at 11 of the top interior design color trends that made it onto our list. We also include important information about how to use these colors to your advantage when creating beautiful interior design spaces.

Plus, it’s always fun to be able to look back on this kind of list and see how it actually held up over the course of 2022. For example, were our predictions on point? Were there any color surprises we didn’t see coming?

Give this article a read and decide for yourself!


We hope you enjoyed QC Design School’s Top 10 most popular blog articles of 2022! Whether it was getting a closer look at the day-in-the-life of a professional organizer or learning all about interior design color trends – we hope you found something to inspire your next creative project.

As always, we want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to read our blog, The Focal Point. Without you, our QC Design School community would not be nearly as vibrant, creative, and driven as it is today!

So once again, thank you for your continued support… And we hope to continue to bring you the best in interior design and decorating advice in 2023 and beyond!

Happy New Year from QC Design School!

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