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Home staging changes with the seasons! Looking for some fresh home staging tips for spring? We’ve rounded up our top seven tips for spring decorating this year! Keeping the home looking bright and smelling fresh will open up every room. Everyone wants to feel new in spring, so it’s time to shed those heavy winter linens and add in some lively décor!

Find out the top home staging tips for getting your client’s home ready to jump into spring…

Floral arrangements

Home staging with spring decor

Adding floral arrangements to your client’s home will give the house a lively boost. Whether you choose to use vases or add fresh flowers to table centerpieces, this will make the home feel fresh. Choose seasonal flowers, like lilac or calla lily, to bring out the best features of spring. A light, subtle scent will make the home feel renewed. Potential buyers will notice a hint of freshness and a slight pop of color!


Switch out dark winter shades for light, reflective colors. Pastel colors are easy on the eyes, and will enhance the amount of natural light in the home. You’ll notice rooms feel bigger and are much brighter, since light colours reflect more light than they absorb. If you’re working in a home with neutral wall colors, an easy fix is changing up your client’s linens.

Since linens add comfort, try to use them in every room. In the bathroom you can add new towels in pastel shades such as light purple or green. Add some robin-egg blue pillows to the living room and bedrooms to create a calm spring atmosphere. Accents are always the simplest way to add color—keep your décor on hand for next year, too!

Sheer curtains

Combining those light paint colors with sheer curtains will bring more natural light into the home. Harnessing as much sunlight as possible is a great way to make a home feel bigger and brighter. Sheer curtains look fabulous in the living room and bedrooms, and give off a light, breezy vibe. Every home stager knows: a small addition will keep the home feeling fresh.


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Spring is the time when people are shedding their winter woes, so planting a small garden in the front lawn can add a lot of life to your client’s home. We know that creating curb appeal is extremely important in home staging—a garden will make the home look inviting and fresh! Plus, you’ll add a lot of life into the neighbourhood with a few bright flowers.

On that note, keeping the lawn in pristine condition will help your home staging projects. With all the rain that comes with spring, it’s a great time to lay down grass seed and let it grow! A small amount of gardening will give potential buyers a great first impression of the home.

Patio décor

One thing you don’t want to forget about is accentuate the patio space. Since not all homes are lucky enough to have one, adding focus to the patio will make it more desirable. You want to provide a vision with the patio, so adding outdoor furniture will allow potential buyers to see themselves enjoying a beautiful day outside.

A couple of fancy patio chairs and a small table makes the home’s exterior look welcoming!

Fresh scents

How to decorate the home for spring in your home staging business

Spring is about growth and liveliness. Focus on the idea of new beginnings with fresh scents in the home! Using spring-themed candles or oil diffusers enhances the brightness of your client’s home. Their light fragrances won’t overwhelm potential buyers, and many spring scents are mood-enhancing! Try adding lavender and clean linen scents to keep the home fresh.

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