Designing your client’s home for the New Year is a chance to start from scratch—out with the old and in with the new, as they say! Dive into 2017’s best interior decorating trends and add them to your client’s home. Whether you choose to incorporate new colors or focus on art and furnishings, your designs will be stylish and chic with these top trends!

Paint Colors

Pantone is the leading expert on color trends, and we’re following suit with their top picks for 2017! From Flame (a rustic bright orange) to Pale Dogwood (a light creamy pink), Pantone’s color picks inspire us to get on these trends by incorporating them into the home!

Use furniture accents or paint the entire room to bring your client’s home into fashion for the New Year. By using small accents, it’s easier for you to go back and redesign the décor as trends change. The good news: all of these colors are beautiful and your clients won’t want to change a thing (for a while, at least!). Take Island Paradise, for example. A soft, pale blue that will make your client’s home feel like a getaway to the Caribbean waters…

Pantone top colors 2017 for interior decorating

Matte Finishes

In 2017 we’re sticking with matte shades of black and chrome to add some edge to home design. Light fixtures and lamps look awesome with a matte finish to them—so add this trend to your designs in the New Year! Keeping it simple with matte shades lets you use patterned or colorful accents throughout the home without overdoing it. For instance, a matte curtain rod with a simple patterned curtain makes for an effortless design with a touch of liveliness!

Think about matte décor as well. A matte finish on a vase lets plants stand out and gives your design natural tones. Or, if you’re designing a dining space, show your clients a light fixture that works in matte shades for a look that is elegant but not overbearing.

Symmetrical Patterns

Patterns in 2017 are all about symmetry! Change up your client’s home with new fabrics and linens that add balance to their rooms with symmetrical patterns. Look for fabrics like these curtains, which use a simple design to create a continuous pattern. They also look lovely with any paint or furniture color. Adding symmetrical designs makes it easier for you to incorporate bold colors into your client’s home without overwhelming a room.

Consider artwork as well when you choose patterns. A symmetrical painting or graphic design can make a plain room pop! Moreover, matching artwork throughout the same room or hallway makes the home feel continuous and well-planned.

Symmetrical patterned rug ideas for patterns in interior decor

Antiquated Décor

From maps, to globes, to metal trunks, there’s a whole world of antique home décor that we need to catch up with! 2017 is the perfect time to get into this vintage-inspired décor trend. Antique accents create a story in your client’s home. They’re a reminder of time passed and give the home an age-old elegance.

Incorporate old-fashioned décor with DIY art and furniture. For example, create a coffee table from an old metal trunk—just shine it up and add some coasters! Or pick up some Modge Podge, a blank canvas, and a paper map to make your own vintage art. You’ll get store-bought quality without the hefty price of antique décor.


Rather than press-on wall decals and silhouettes, 2017 is a chance to embrace creativity inside your client’s home. Well, on your client’s home, we should say! Wall murals are a fun way to liven up a home and give rooms personality. They’re unique because they’re different from wallpaper and they bring more to a room than framed art. Murals tell a tale that’s personal to your client, so advise them to consider the design carefully! The great thing about this trend: you can DIY if you’re an experienced painter (and always paint over it if it doesn’t turn out right!).


When it comes to choosing furniture in 2017, keep it simple! The New Year is all about minimalist furniture—neutral colors and wood with a pop of chrome, as well as functional pieces. Don’t go overboard when selecting your client’s dining room chairs!

And remember to scope out coffee tables that have simple frames which don’t overtake the room. Bulky furniture is OUT and sleek designs are IN.

Choose a glass or marble coffee table in a basic four-legged style. You get a minimalist look that feels and looks more spacious. Stay away from big furnishings that overtake a room. You don’t want your client’s space to look crowded!

2017’s home design trends bring together the best elements of creativity, edginess, and simple living. Use the hottest new colors to find inspiration for your upcoming designs—you’ll fall in love with this year’s décor!

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